BUDDY BUDDY: A gourmet haven for coffee and nut butter (and oat!) lovers

BUDDY BUDDY: A gourmet haven for coffee and nut butter (and oat!) lovers
Buddy Buddy Coffeeshop Brussels (c) Pierre Halleux

Updated July 7, 2024 by pierre

As a die-hard coffee fan, I'm always looking for cool new places to enjoy my favorite morning brew. Ixelles full of charming cafes, I recently had the opportunity to discover BUDDY BUDDY, a place that seduced me from the moment I entered.

Attracted by the promise of quality coffee and nut butter creations, I had no idea that BUDDY BUDDY would become my new favorite haunt for a… gourmet break ! In this article, I share with you my opinion and useful information about the place.

A warm and friendly atmosphere

As soon as I arrived, I was enveloped by a warm and friendly atmosphere. The decor at the same time modern and rustic, with its orange walls, its massive counter revealing some sweet delights, immediately transported me to a haven of peace. The terrazzo tables, accompanied by invitations to relax and chat. Be careful, it is not practical to come in a large group here.

A menu that will delight the taste buds

The BUDDY BUDDY menu is a true ode to indulgence. If coffee lovers will find what they are looking for with classic drinks and original creations, I personally opted for a refreshing alternative this late afternoon: the Fruity Budy. This turnery made from raspberry puree, oat milk and peanut butter was a real fruity and creamy delight, perfect for quenching your thirst while indulging yourself.

Exceptional pastries

Buddy Buddy Coffeeshop Brussels (c) Pierre Halleux
Buddy Buddy Coffeeshop Brussels (c) Pierre Halleux

And to accompany my Fruity Budy, I fell for various pastries including cupcake et donuts. They look small, but are very filling and delicious.

Be careful, when you see the pastries, you might think that there is only one of each left. However, you can ask for more as they have stock in the kitchen.

The little extra: swookies from dear Swookies

Notice to lovers of cookies and brownies, BUDDY BUDDY offers you a gourmet surprise: swookies, these tasty hybrids between cookies and brownies, made by the talented pastry chefs at Swookies! A melting and comforting delight that will delight your taste buds.

Impeccable service

The service is impeccable. The baristas, smiling et enthusiasts, take the time to advise each customer and prepare each drink with care. They also provide valuable advice for choosing a gourmet accompaniment among pastries and other homemade delights. Their names and nationalities are displayed above the counter.

A final verdict: an unmissable address

Whether you are looking for a place for yourself refresh with an original drink, enjoy a sweet and caffeinated breakfast or simply treat yourself to a gourmet break in the afternoon, BUDDY BUDDY is the ideal address. Its atmosphere warm, its attentive service and its refined culinary creations will charm you from your first visit. Ideal if you are looking for dairy-free places in Brussels, as well as vegan options.

verdict: BUDDY BUDDY is a must-visit address for foodies and lovers of original flavors. A haven of peace where taste pleasures, terrazzo tables, stools and a cocooning atmosphere combine, for a moment of pure gourmet happiness.

Info and contact

  • The café is open every day
    • of the week, of 8:30am to 19:00pm,
    • weekends & public holidays 9h00 to 19h00.
  • Warning: at buddy buddy laptops are prohibited
  • The café is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

I hope this article made you want to discover BUDDY BUDDY!


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