Dixner Brussels: Forget Tinder, Here is the Future of Dating!

Dixner Brussels: Forget Tinder, Here is the Future of Dating!
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Updated on April 30, 2024 by pierre

In the heart of Brussels, a new concept is emerging, merging gastronomy and conviviality in a creative impulse signed Dixner. Initiated by Astrid Beaufils in Paris a year ago, Dixner is now deployed in Brussels with the Bubble Stud.io Agency, led by the trio Ibra, Ilias and Ludivine. In the elegant setting of “Maison Louise Kitchen. Bar. Garden" at the Hôtel Louise, Dixner's Belgian adventure takes off, orchestrated by the talented Chef Adwin Fontein, promising an exceptional culinary experience and enriching encounters. 🍽️✨

We talked about it in the article what to do in May in Brussels. This is an unusual activity for meet locals in Brussels!

💬❤️Authentic and Intimate Encounters

Dixner offers an innovative approach to dating, far from traditional dating apps. With only 10 guests per event, the emphasis is on theauthenticity of exchanges, promoting captivating dialogues and unforgettable moments of sharing. Thanks to an intelligent algorithm, each guest is carefully selected, thus offering a personalized experience and unexpected encounters, in an intimate and warm atmosphere.

🌟🥂The Art of Reinventing Social Connections

This unique fusion between refined gastronomy and authentic encounters makes Dixner much more than just dinner : it is a human experience that responds to a real need for social connection. If you aspire to expand your social circle and savor unique moments around a table, Dixner awaits you for a culinary and human adventure unlike any other in Brussels. Book now and be surprised by this new way of meeting people!

Dixner summary:

  • 🌟 Experience a exceptional and unique experience with strangers selected for you based on their personalities and profiles.
  • 💬 An algorithm maximizes your chances of meeting unexpected people, fascinating conversations, a timeless moment in an intimate and exceptional setting.
  • 🍽️ Dixner is not a dating app, but a real culinary and social experience.
  • 💼 For 80 €, enjoy a full evening with champagne, wine, starter, main course and dessert in a private room of an excellent restaurant, in the company of other hand-picked guests. An ambassador will be at your disposal to ensure your well-being throughout the Dixner. Location and date will be communicated to you after reservation.

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