Our feedback on candle concerts in Brussels – Candlelight

Our feedback on candle concerts in Brussels – Candlelight
Coldplay comeback concert at the candle in Brussels (c) Photo Alizé MC, InsideBrussels.be

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Recently, Brussels enthusiastically welcomed the concept of candle concerts, and since then, it has continued to captivate crowds. In a captivating chiaroscuro atmosphere, the melodies and musical scores transport the mind to another dimension, far from urban hustle and bustle and daily worries. Intrigued by this global craze, we decided to test with our reporter Alizé MC (@alize__mc) this experience during the concert Ikigai Duo @ikigai.duo to give you our opinion.(I.e.

“Candlelight” – what is it?

Have you never heard of “Candlelight”? 🕯️ It’s a unique musical event that delights Brussels. It's actually a series of intimate and captivating concerts held at iconic locations across the city. Imagine yourself at the Atomium or the Concert Noble, enveloped ina magical atmosphere created by hundreds of candles, thus offering a warm and intimate atmosphere. It's the perfect place for a romantic or relaxing evening, where music and candlelight combine to create an unforgettable experience.

Les Concerts à la Bougie Candlelight Concerts in Brussels - a legendary place (c) Photo Alizé - InsideBrussels.be
Les Concerts à la Bougie Candlelight Concerts in Brussels – a legendary place (c) Photo Alizé MC – InsideBrussels.be

In the program,  ColdplayQueenVivaldi Warner Bros et Hans Zimmer. Be sure to check out the full agenda. Some events also take place in other cities such as Waterloo, Mons etc…

Where do Candlelight Brussels concerts take place?

As part of our exploration of candle concerts, we also had the pleasure of discovering the Concert Noble, a prestigious ballroom located in the heart of Brussels. With its ceilings rising crescendo to an impressive height of 15 meters in the Balzaal, offering a surface area of ​​400m², its paintings, its chandeliers, this room is a true architectural gem. In addition to its private events, the Noble Concert also offers cultural events accessible to all throughout the year, providing an ideal setting for candlelit concerts. 🎶

Candlelight concerts in Brussels - a legendary venue Noble Concert (c) Photo Alizé - InsideBrussels.be
Candlelight concerts in Brussels – a legendary venue Noble Concert (c) Photo Alizé MC- InsideBrussels.be

A few months ago, I had the incredible opportunity to experience a unique experience within the Atomium ! ✨ This summer, Fever organized a series of candle concerts in one of the spheres of this emblematic monument of Brussels. The concerts, lit by the subdued glow of candles, took place in the Prigogine room of the Atomium, thus offering a retro-futuristic setting perfectly suited to the intimate atmosphere created by this particular illumination. Even if the candles used did not produce real flames (for safety reasons), the visual effect was absolutely stunning ! 🕯️ This romantic atmosphere appealed to most of the participants, mainly couples looking for a unique musical experience. 💑

View of the Atonium in Brussels (c) Photo Pierre Halleux
View of the Atonium in Brussels (c) Photo Pierre Halleux

Here are the addresses where you can see Candlelight in Brussels:

My experience and opinion on the CandleLight concerts

My experience with the candle concerts was simply magical. In this spectacular place in Brussels, I had an enchanting and intimate musical experience. It was a timeless moment, where Coldplay's music resonated in the warm, dimmed atmosphere of candles. Well-known songs such as “Clocks”, “Fix You” and “Yellow” added a touch of magic to this exceptional evening. The concert went by too quickly, but every moment was wonderful. It's easy to see why Candlelight is such a success in more than 100 cities around the world, with more than 3 million participants. It’s an experience that I highly recommend to all music lovers looking for a unique and memorable moment.

Candle circles arranged for the candle concert in Brussels (c) Alié MC For InsideBrussels.be
Candle circles arranged for the candle concert in Brussels (c) Alié MC For InsideBrussels.be

Here is the video of our visit:

Our test of Candlelight Concert by candle with Alizé MC

How much does a ticket cost to attend a candle concert?

With price starting at only 19 euros, there is really no reason to deprive yourself of this unique experience. If you have more budget, some tickets go for over €45 for legendary concerts.

Whether you're passionate about music, looking for a romantic evening, or simply curious to discover something new, Candlelight offers a magical experience at an affordable price. So why wait? Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of candlelight concerts and let yourself be transported into a world of music and light.

What to remember from the Candlelights Concerts in Brussels?

If you only remember one thing, here is the final word:

  • 🕯️Candlelight Brussels offers candlelight concerts which will give you a unique experience. We will even talk about a multisensory experience and unique in Brussels.
  • ❤️ The atmosphere is there romantic, the spark plugs and Music courses at Candlelight Brussels events contribute to this. the atmosphere is relaxing.
  • 🎵 This one will be perfect for music lovers, but also to those looking for events originals, unusual et specials. On the program, you will be able to enjoy not only music classic, but also movie soundtracks, music by sleeves and many others.
  • 🏛️ mythical places in Brussels
  • 🎫 Tickets and reservations? everything can be booked online!

we were invited to discover this Candelight experience in Brussels. However, our opinion remains, as always, entirely independent. Additionally, please note that this article may contain affiliate links. By booking through these links you will not incur any additional costs, but I may receive a modest commission which will contribute to the continued development of this InsideBrussels.be blog


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