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Where to buy organic in Brussels? Our best places!

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Organic, 10 years ago we didn't talk about it. Today he is almost part of us. It is normal in supermarkets to find organic products at your fingertips. The idea "organic is good" is more than present in us.

However, organic is even better when it's artisanal. Here are our best places to buy and eat organic food in Brussels. Discover organic stores in 1000 Brussels, such as the organic market rue des Tanneurs. This is a bulk store in Brussels – also open on sunday. Everything is organic. There are also many organic players, such as craftsmen who produce organic beer in Brussels, organic hairdressers and even organic B&Bs in Brussels!

In this section, we also advise you on the organic & bulk stores of Brussels. Some stores even combine organic, bulk and online.

Contact us for add your favorite places to this list!

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