Our 4 best restaurants where to eat alone in Brussels

Our 4 best restaurants where to eat alone in Brussels
Eating alone in Brussels at the counter of the Old Boy restaurant in Ixelles

Updated on May 31, 2024 by pierre

If you are passing through Brussels or your friends are out and about, it's not always fun to eat at a restaurant. However, you want to treat yourself. If you don't want to end up in a snack bar/restaurant and eat well, know that there are a number of nice restaurants in Brussels where you will be quite well received even alone. We have tested the best places for you. Whether in a ramen bar – like in Tokyo – or a wine bar sitting at the counter, there is something to please you even if you are not accompanied. Here are our top 5 restaurants where you can eat alone like a grown-up.

Why eat alone at a restaurant?

If we listen to certain sites, eat alone at a restaurant, we could find plenty of good reasons there. Eating alone at a restaurant is an experience rich in benefits. First, it gives you the impression of being a Michelin critic, with the butlers intrigued by this solo booking. Often, you are offered the best table, with a view of the room or kitchen, transforming the meal into a real spectacle. Financially, it's also more affordable, allowing you to multiply gastronomic outings. For cerebral types, it's a chance to analyze each dish without distraction, while bloggers can focus on their photos without interruption. You benefit from the knowledge of sommeliers, and, alone, you are more likely to be on time and avoid delays from your companions. It's a milestone to overcome, but once you get used to it, the pleasure grows. You listen to conversations at neighboring tables, learn new culinary things and avoid domestic scenes. Arriving before noon allows you to capture the atmosphere of the restaurant in photos. However, avoid the counter except in Japanese restaurants to enjoy the Teppanyaki show. Without a reservation, arriving early often guarantees a table. Finally, with a cell phone, you're never really alone, which makes the experience even more enjoyable.

What are some nice places to eat alone in Brussels?

1. Yamato: eat just one in a ramen bar like in Tokyo (Ixelles)

If you have ever been to Japan, you will know how easy it is to eating alone at a ramen bar. You can sit at the bar and watch the chef do it. In the meantime you can consult a manga where you can watch him prepare your ramen with great wisdom. At Yamato, for around €14 you can eat a Miso Ramen. Be careful here, no SUSHIS! Please note only +/-10 places, you cannot reserve at Yamato but there are manga to read. It is not recommended to be there with more than 2 or 3 as it becomes a headache to find a place around the bar.

💸Budget +- 20€ per person.

📍Rue Francart, 11, 1050 Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium, Ixelles, Belgium 02 511 02

2. Tarzan & Jane: order tapas while sitting at the bar (Ixelles)

Tarzan, located at 59 rue Washington in Ixelles, is a natural wine bar recently opened by the team behind the former YAG. This new haunt for natural wine lovers is distinguished by a mosaic of blackboards displaying the names of partner winegrowers and a menu offering wines by the glass from €4,20. The cuisine is varied and delicious, with dishes such as homemade hummus, white pudding, rabbit rillettes, and specialties like beetroot lace and avocado mousse. The atmosphere is warm, the team is passionate, and the experience is friendly, perfect for extending the aperitif with a selection of small dishes. Tarzan is accompanied by Jane, a natural wine boutique, offering a wide choice and expert advice. Plus, the friendly welcome and small-portion options make Tarzan a great place to eat alone, whether for a leisurely tasting or a relaxing moment after work.

📍Rue Washington 59, 1050 Ixelles

3. Hinodeya: watch the chef prepare sushi for you while sitting at the bar alone (Ixelles)

🍣 Discover Hinodeya, an authentic Japanese restaurant located at 71, rue du Trône, Brussels, perfect for lovers of traditional Japanese cuisine. Known for its okonomiyaki – these delicious pancakes made with eggs and white cabbage – Hinodeya also offers other tasty specialties like shabu-shabu and sukiyaki. The restaurant's simple but warm interior creates a friendly setting, ideal for enjoying comforting dishes like chicken katsudon or nabeyaki udon. Whether you come in a group or alone, you will appreciate the absence of background music and the hushed manners of the owner couple, which contribute to a calm and soothing atmosphere. Sit at the bar for an intimate experience and watch your dishes being prepared before your eyes. At lunchtime, the restaurant is popular with customers from nearby European communities, and in the evening, it offers a peaceful place to enjoy authentic Japanese dishes. Book now for an unforgettable gastronomic experience and let yourself be transported to the heart of Japan without leaving Brussels. 🍜✨

📍 RUE DU TRONE 71, 1050 BRUSSELS tel. 02 502 52 05

4. YAKA TOMO: wait and watch the Japanese chef in action

🍣 Discover Yoka Tomo, an unmissable Japanese address in Schaerbeek! Located at 26, avenue Félix Marchal, this restaurant welcomes you from Wednesday to Saturday from 18:30 p.m. to 22 p.m. for unique culinary experiences. Opt for the 2-course menu at €30 or the 4-course menu at €39 and enjoy authentic and warm Japanese cuisine, far from the traditional ramen and sushi bars. Tomo, known for its delicious otsumami, Japanese curries and its famous Chawanmushi, prepares each dish in front of you, creating a friendly and interactive atmosphere. The vibrant atmosphere is complemented by a modern musical selection, and the courteous staff ensures a memorable experience. Ideal for an evening with friends or for a solo meal at the counter, Yoka Tomo is a real gastronomic gem, already awarded the Bib Gourmand for its excellent meals at reasonable prices. Book in advance to take advantage of this popular place which will transport you to the heart of the best canteens in Tokyo. 🍜✨

Curious to know more? We tested YOKA TOMO here.

📍Avenue Félix Marchal 6

Conclusion, ready to go eat alone and take the plunge?

If you are passing through Brussels or your friends are out and about, it can sometimes seem unappealing to eat alone at a restaurant. However, you want to treat yourself and avoid poor quality snacks/restaurants. Fortunately, Brussels is full of welcoming restaurants where you will be well received even on your own. We have tested for you the best places to eat alone like a grown-up. Whether in a ramen bar – like in Tokyo – or a wine bar with a counter, there is something to enjoy without company. Here are our top 5 restaurants where you can eat alone in Brussels.

Eating alone at a restaurant has many benefits. You will feel like a food critic with the attention of the staff, often you get the best table with a view of the room or kitchen. It’s also more economical, allowing you to enjoy gastronomic outings more often. You can enjoy each dish without distraction, take photos for your blog, and benefit from advice from sommeliers. Conversations at neighboring tables become a source of culinary learning. Arriving early without a reservation often guarantees a table, and with your cell phone, you're never really alone, making the experience even more enjoyable.

Brussels offers several cool places to eat alone, like Yamato in Ixelles for authentic ramen, Tarzan & Jane for tapas at the bar, Hinodeya for Japanese specialties at the counter, and Yoka Tomo in Schaerbeek to watch the chef in action. Personally, my favorite is Yoka Tomo. The experience of seeing the chef prepare each dish in front of you creates a unique and friendly atmosphere. The tasting menu is excellent, and the intimate counter atmosphere makes this restaurant a perfect place for a solo meal. Book now and enjoy an exceptional solo dining experience!


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