We're talking to you about StrEat Fest 2024: A gourmet festival to share with your loved ones!

We're talking to you about StrEat Fest 2024: A gourmet festival to share with your loved ones!
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From May 16 to 19, Tour & Taxis will transform into a true temple of gastronomy and urban art for the third edition of StrEat Fest. A must-see event for foodies and lovers of unique experiences. Are you looking for an original idea for an evening with friends or a romantic date? Look no further than StrEat Fest!

In this article we:

  • Let's present the SteatFest event as well as all the useful information
  • Indicate the list of leaders present
  • Let's show some atmospheric photos from the last event

A dream cast and tempting menus

We had already tested StrEatFest in 2023 and the experience was great. This year again, more than 100 renowned chefs from all over Belgium will come together to offer their version of street food. Inventive and tasty dishes that will delight the taste buds of the most demanding.

Among the names to remember, we find these chefs

  • Stephen Jacobs (Off fields),
  • Sebastien Mattagne (Roca),
  • Laura Puglisi (The Black Truffle),
  • Benjamin Rauwel (Drunkenness),
  • Rémi Decamp (Kaiju), Alexandru Sapco (Good food),
  • Simona El-Harar (Kitchen 151),
  • Nathan Urbanowiez (Sanzaru),
  • Cedric Mosbeux (Fernand Obb),
  • Robin Froeliger (Nenu),
  • Luca Termine (Tatar),
  • David Cantre (Blanco),
  • Alex Joseph (Cantina Valentina),
  • Cesar Lewandowski (Lova),
  • Lyla Bangels (Titulus),
  • Jean-Philippe Watteyne (La Ferme de bonne Maman),
  • Alexis Roger (Pina Taqueria),
  • Sébastien Serroyen (El Cuchillo),
  • Martha Meeze (At Martha's),
  • Stephen Wang (Kafei), William the Cavorzin et Pauline Rosselin (Kitsune),
  • Hélène Thiry and Yuri Vandam (Merry),
  • Chris Nunes et Santos Cruz (Susuru),
  • Diego Vantorre (Carrello),
  • Denis Delcampe (Turning),
  • …. and many others.

In short, foodies, foodlovers, lovers of good meat or good dishes will be in heaven from May 16, 2024.

Street Food Brussels Gare Maritime (c) Photo Pierre Halleux
Lobster Roll – Street Food Brussels (c) Photo Pierre Halleux

A program full of new features

This year, StrEat Fest offers many new features, including masterclasses orchestrated by renowned chefs, chef duels and workshops for young and old.

  • Masterclasses: Christophe Hardiquest will give his tips for making perfect sauces, Yves Mattagne will reveal the secrets of preparing miso, Loïc Van Impe will exclusively reveal his recipe for asparagus donburi, and the 8 ex-Top Chef candidates will share their journey and their experience following their participation in the cult show.
  • Chef duels: On Saturday May 18, three chefs, French and Dutch, will have to create a street food dish with mystery ingredients to discover live in the “Mystery Box”. They will be decided by three members of the jury.
  • Workshops for young and old: Free culinary workshops with chefs, “drinking” workshops, a barbecue corner with workshops and a musical atmosphere, dance workshops, graffiti, painting, and many others.

A festive and friendly festival

In addition to the culinary scene, StrEat Fest also offers a varied entertainment program, with concerts, DJ sets, artistic performances and a craft market.

  • Gigs: Doowy, Bart Kobain, Gemini Blu, OK Panda and Olivier Gosseries will be present on the StrEat Fest stage.
  • Craft market: The Brussels Vintage Market, a Beauty Bar and a grocery store highlighting producers committed to a sustainable and reasoned approach.

Want to know more about the atmosphere? Take a look at theofficial instagram

What is the budget for participating in StreatFest?

One of the best things about StrEat Fest is that it is accessible to all budgets. The prices of dishes generally vary between 5 and 10 euros, which allows you to taste several specialties without breaking the bank. Plan a budget of €25-€30 per person. If you plan to tackle wine, think about 40€-50€.

Broke? There is a competition on our official Facebook Page to win 2 entries!

A vintage market will be there

If you are a fan of vintage clothing, this section Vintage Market present during the event will interest you. In a friendly atmosphere, come discover the latest vintage trends and exchange ideas with enthusiasts.

Ambient video of StreatFest

Are you still hesitant? Here is the ambient video!

Pratical information

Some of the StrEat Fest chefs, vintage 2024 
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  • dates: From 16 to 19 May 2024
  • Place: Tour & Taxis – Avenue du Port 86C, 1000 Brussels (Shed 1 & 2)
  • Tickets: On sale on the Official website from Streatfest.be
    • Presale: €12
    • Children between 6 and 12 years old: €6
    • Ticket on site: €14
    • Children between 6 and 12 years old: €7
    • Children under 5: free
    • Please note, the event is CashLess – don't forget your bank card at home.
  • Program: Available on the website www.streatfest.be
  • Hours:
    • Thursday May 11: 17:00 p.m. – 00:00 a.m.
    • Friday May 12: 17:00 p.m. – 00:00 a.m.
    • Saturday May 13: 11:00 a.m. – 00:00 a.m.
    • Sunday May 14: 11:00 a.m. – 00:00 a.m.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to discover the best of Belgian gastronomy and live a festive and unforgettable experience!


The StrEat Fest is a gourmet festival not to be missed if you are looking for an original and friendly evening to share with your loved ones. A wide choice of dishes, affordable prices and a festive atmosphere make this event a real must-go for gastronomy lovers! We were invited and received free entry to try the experience. However, we paid for our own meals and drinks.


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