We tested YOKA TOMO, an Izakaya in Schaerbeek

We tested YOKA TOMO, an Izakaya in Schaerbeek
Yoka Tomo (c) Pierre Halleux

Updated on May 31, 2024 by pierre

In this post, we share our experience, photos and opinions on Yoka Tomo an essential address in Schaerbeek. This restaurant offers total immersion in the Japanese cuisine. In a friendly atmosphere, watch the chef in action from the counter.

Did you say “Izakaya”?

🍣 Discover the vibrant atmosphere of izakayas in Brussels! These Japanese taverns are the perfect place to enjoy delicious food in a relaxed atmosphere. 🍹 Immerse yourself in Japanese culture as you enjoy Japanese curries, yakitori skewers and more. A real feast for the taste buds to discover in the Belgian capital!

Here is our opinion on the YOKA TOMO restaurant

🍣 We had read that Yoka Tomo was an essential Japanese address in Schaerbeek but we hadn't tried it yet! 📍 So we took advantage of a Wednesday evening to test this restaurant with friends and try this unique culinary experience.

The restaurant's atmosphere is vibrant and friendly. The small room of Yoka Tomo, newly opened, offers you the chance to sit at the counter to observe the chef's ballet in his kitchen. You will see Tomo cooking in front of you, a glass of fresh, round and fruity Kido Ginjyo sake (€6,70) in hand. The atmosphere is complemented by a musical selection appreciated by a predominantly millennial clientele.

The Japanese cuisine of this restaurant offers authentic meals served by courteous and very friendly staff all year round. The delightful atmosphere has earned this place the Bib Gourmand for its excellent meals at reasonable prices.

Right here, we love her Japanese grandmother’s cooking, GENUINE et warm, which we would taste in the best canteens in Tokyo. Tomo is the king of otsumami – these little tastings served at the start of the meal – prepares Japanese curries like no one else, tempuras according to inspiration, soft and slightly sweet Japanese omelettes, NanBan chicken, ultra-soft miso eggplants, and above all, its famous Chawanmushi – a small savory flan steamed with dashi, shitake and shrimp broth – which is worth the trip alone.

The experience was magnificent, it's very pleasant to be able to talk to your guest and at the same time watch the chef in action. We are very pleased to have chosen the 4-course menu which makes the experience longer and more fun. Too bad dessert is not included on the menu.

The Menu at Yoka Tomo

Choose either

  • 2 course menu at 33€ (starters & Main dishes)
  • menu 4 services at 42€ (Starters, Chef's special, Main dish 1, Main Dish 2, Miso Soup)

…and enjoy authentic and warm Japanese cuisine, far from traditional ramen and sushi bars.

Don't forget to book in advance to get a table in this popular little venue. The tasting menu (4 courses for €42) has already got everyone in agreement. The ultimate pleasure? Sit at the counter to watch Chef Tomo at work, transforming fresh ingredients into exquisite dishes before your eyes. 🍜✨

With drinks and 1 dessert to share, we came out for 100€ (50€ each)

Pros & Cons


We really liked discovering this Izakaya cuisine, the friendliness of the staff, the quality of the dishes and being able to observe the chef in action. The address is also suitable if you wish eat alone at the counter.


The seat in front of the fryer and the hob is not the best… it gets hot quickly and no more cooking steam. If possible, don’t choose this place 🙂


📍 Avenue Félix Marchal 26, 1030 Schaerbeek


🕒 Wednesday to Saturday from 18:30 p.m. to 22 p.m.


🍽️ 2-course menu: €33 🍽️ 4-course menu: €42

Official site

Come discover Yoka Tomo and let yourself be transported to Japan for an unforgettable meal.


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