Where to buy a Christmas tree in Brussels?

Where to buy a Christmas tree in Brussels?
Our delivery of www.Sapins.be For our Christmas tree in Brussels (c) Pierre Halous

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The best places to buy a Christmas tree in Brussels?

In addition to the type of tree that will light up your living room, an existential question arises every year for the inhabitants of the Belgian capital: Where to buy your Christmas tree in Brussels?. Don't panic, InsideBrussels.be has searched for you, and we will give you our best advice for having a arbre of Christmas at the top on New Year's Eve to slip your gifts in! Here are the best places identified by insideBrussels as being the best to buy a Christmas tree in Brussels. Once the fir tree has been chosen, you can count it with a hot wine and cougnou in the corner of the living room.

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Which tree to choose?

  • Le Spruce fir is the fir tree which is usually best balanced from base to top. It is also he who is characterized by his fine needles and its smell of resin. In general, the Spruce Christmas tree will offer you a Excellent value.
  • Le Nordmann fir In recent years, the most popular variety in Brussels has been the Nordmann tree. Another type of Christmas tree, which is better kept indoors therefore loses its needles much less quickly. The Nodrmann grows more slowly than its counterparts, so you will need pay more to acquire it. On average, your Nordmann tree will have a lifespan of 4 to 5 weeks. For Christmas and New Year, you can order from November 27!
  • Le artificial tree. Bogota, Colorado, Bergen... and many more: there is something for everyone. The advantage is that you can store it in the cellar or in the attic to take it out every year without having to buy it again. The disadvantage is that you will not have the smell of a freshly cut tree in your living room.

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Where to buy your Christmas tree in Brussels?

Do not rush to the first tree you come across in the heart of Brussels…. The joke could cost you dearly. Some trees sold around the corner can cost you up to 100 euros cash. Moreover, there exists different types of Christmas tree… and therefore not all are identical in terms of quality!

1. Sapins.be, the most efficient, friendly with a social goal!

If you are looking for a solution, practical, fast and efficient, we recommend with eyes closed this company from Braine l'Alleud: Sapins.be. To buy your Christmas tree, their website is ideal. You will have the choice between real trees up to 2 meters high. No need to buy a stand, the tree is delivered to you with a wooden cross, so it can be used directly in your living room.

If you're the type who wants to reuse, know that their trees can also be and pot (so to replant in your garden). The site also offers artificial trees if you want to make a reusable investment every year. The big plus compared to other sites is that they also offer you the possibility of buying Christmas balls and garlands.

The big plus, Sapins.be has a partnership with Reforest'Action. For each order placed on the site, you finance the planting of a tree! You will also have the possibility on their site when ordering to make a donation to Télévie, which will then be doubled by the company.

Knowing that the delivery man is also nice and helps you put the tree in your living room, there's really no reason to wait to order your tree!

Our delivery of www.Sapins.be For our Christmas tree in Brussels (c) Pierre Halous
The Christmas tree from www.Sapins.be was delivered to us to test the experiment for the article Sapin Noel in Brussels (c) Photo Pierre Halous


La Ferme Nos Pilifs is an ASBL located in the town of Neder-Over-Heembeek at V0Brussels. The ASBL consists of a adapted work company, employs 140 disabled people in manual gardening jobs.

If the ASBL la Ferme Nos Pilifs is still unknown to you, here is an excellent opportunity to discover it by going there to buy your Christmas tree in Brussels. Do not hesitate to visit them during their open house, they will have the great pleasure of making you discover their christmas space et will give you the best advice in choosing your tree in a festive atmosphere.

If you live within 30 minutes of the farm, the Christmas tree will be delivered to you in partnership with Molenbike à vélo. This year the farm also offers ORGANIC fir trees. Consult the prices of Christmas trees on their site. The garden center welcomes you until December 24, 2022.



Silex is an association that takes care of people with disabilities. It is located in Woluwé-Saint-Lambert. This year, the appointment is already set! From the beginning of December, you can go to their traditional Christmas tree sale as well as to their christmas shop organized in partnership with the non-profit association Brussels Ricochet.

By buying your Christmas tree in Brussels at Silex, you will spend a nice moment in the friendly atmosphere of the place and in its superb Christmas shop. This is an opportunity to discover their projects, to experience encounters and to celebrate Christmas early. More than 400 volunteers make the Christmas tree and shop operation possible! In a warm and friendly atmosphere, whether it's raining, snowing, sunny or cold, they are present and represent the ingredients of this very large solidarity operation! Go between December 1 and 21. 10 a.m. to 19 p.m., 7 days a week.  

Two associations, Le Silex and Le Ricochet, both located in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, favor friendly encounters with people with disabilities and ensure their inclusion in society.
The Christmas sale provides part of the financial resources of the two associations and allows them to achieve their fundamental objectives.

  • Price: Christmas trees are generally cheaper here than in the supermarkets of Brussels.
  • Address : 82 rue Voot-1200 Brussels.
  • Contact : 02/ 762.40.09 – www.lesilex.be
Christmas tree Brussels SILEX
Christmas tree Brussels SILEX


You want buy your tree quickly at the same time as your table set for the Christmas meal? Why not at Ikea? In the past, IKEA offered a deal Tree+coupon. However, since 2022, it is only possible to buy Artificial trees at 40 euros. In delivery this is not possible. you will therefore have to go physically to IKEA Anderlecht (or IKEA Zaventem) is easily accessible via the Ring, you will only need a few moments to park and pick up your tree. Ikea is also accessible by metro via the CERIA stop. here no Nordmann Christmas tree. But you can reuse your tree every year.

Address: Ikea Chaussée de Mons, 1432 – Anderlecht or Weiveldlaan 19 – Zaventem

Where to buy a Christmas tree in Brussels Photo by Arun Kuchibhotla on Unsplash
Where to buy a Christmas tree in Brussels Photo by Arun K. on Unsplash


Most of the markets Brussels allow you to buy a Christmas tree. Equally, supermarkets such as Carrefour, Brico, Cora will allow you to buy a tree. However, pay attention to the price and take the trouble to compare tree prices in the excitement we sometimes spend without counting!

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If you are looking for an artificial Christmas tree, do not hesitate to take a look at 2emeMain.be or on Ebay. You could save a few euros there.


Christmas tree on Amazon
Christmas tree on Amazon


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