The coolest cocktails of confinement! #DrinkItFresh delivers at home in Brussels

The coolest cocktails of confinement! #DrinkItFresh delivers at home in Brussels
DRINK IT FRESH Kit Cocktails delivered to Brussels

Updated January 17, 2021 by pierre

Drink It Fresh: The coolest cocktails during confinement: delivered to your home in Brussels!

Francis Olivia, Damien, and … Mr George launched Drink It Fresh in 2017 via a collaborative platform: KissKissBankBank. Their promise: a fresh & 100% natural cocktail kit to make cocktails at home. The goal being to be able to make cocktails like a professional bartender. And this, in all simplicity! Today is a successful bet! Drink It Fresh is alive and well and deliver delicious kits for making cocktails in Brussels!

If during this period of confinement, you feel like doing something cool with your friends, why not try a Skypero Mojito with your friends ?… What could be easier than ordering some from Drink It Fresh?

Drink It Fresh cocktails… Frozen and 100% Natural?

DRINK IT FRESH Cocktail Kits delivered to Brussels

You have already tasted certain cocktails ready to drink… But you didn't like it? You want to make Mojito cocktails…. but you didn't have any mint or cane sugar at home? You don't have crushed ice? In short, we have all experienced these situations before. Drink It Fresh is a Brussels start-up born to make your life easier. No more making cocktails for hours. With Drink It Fresh, it's ready in 1 minute thanks to the ingredients of the frozen pod!

What is good to know is that all the ingredients present in the pod are natural, and cut by hand. The lemons are freshly squeezed and then directly frozen. The goal is not to lose anything quality. There is no preservative or even artificial flavor in the pod! Open the sachet, add Perrier, mix, add the crushed ice… it's ready! In short, less than a minute to make this cocktail.

Which "DRINK IT FRESH" cocktails can be delivered at home in Brussels?

Drink It Fresh  offers you a total of three recipes, deliverable in Brussels at home:

  • The Mojito a classic, in the Mojito pods are limes that have been freshly cut and squeezed, infused mint and all mixed with cane sugar. and immediately frozen to preserve its freshness!
  • The Mojiberry (a Mojito-raspberry mixture) in the “Mojiberry” pod are limes that have been freshly cut and squeezed, fresh raspberries mixed, infused mint and all mixed with cane sugar.
  • The Belgian Mule in this cocktail the limes have been freshly cut and squeezed, the cucumber and ginger juice freshly extracted and all mixed with cane sugar. And immediately frozen to preserve its freshness.

Of course, the pods are alcohol-free. They are therefore ideal for those who want a mocktail. You just have to add a dose of alcohol of your choice, a little ice and you're done.

We tested DrinkItFresh: our opinion! 

We tested DRINKITFRESH, our opinion
We tested DRINKITFRESH, our opinion

It was impossible for us with the arrival of good weather not to test DRINKITFRESH. A priori, we were skeptical about the idea of ​​having frozen pouches delivered. However, we have been very surprised positively. The pockets arrived perfectly frozen as well as the crushed ice. In short, we had everything in our possession to make mocktails, even the crushed ice.

Our opinion is that this cocktail is extremely easy to make. A cocktail took 30 seconds. The results are surprising! The cocktail is really full of flavor as if we had squeezed the lemons ourselves! Our favourite, the mojiberry thanks to the subtly dosed Strawberry-Raspberry mixture. Little more, for paper straws!

In terms of price, we are surprisingly surprised. 4 pods cost €7. For your big parties, you can also buy 50 pods for 20€. You can even buy by 29. If you had to buy lemons, mint and cane sugar it would probably have cost you much more!

Do not hesitate to consult the website of Drink It Fresh to order some.


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