Visit the royal greenhouses of LAEKEN 2024

Visit the royal greenhouses of LAEKEN 2024
Visit the Royal greenhouses of LAEKEN (c) photo: Jean-Pol GRANDMONT Wikipedia

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If you appreciate natural wonders and elegant architecture, the Laeken Greenhouses are a must-see in Brussels. These royal greenhouses, located in the gardens of Laeken Castle, house an impressive collection of exotic and tropical plants, as well as beautifully preserved historic greenhouses. Open to the public for a few weeks each year, the Laeken Greenhouses offer a unique experience, allowing visitors to explore green spaces filled with captivating colors and scents. Don't miss the opportunity to marvel at these botanical treasures during your visit to Brussels. Learn more in this article!

What can I discover in these royal greenhouses?

As every year, for a century, the Royal greenhouses of Laeken castle (also called koninklijke Serres) open their doors in the spring. For about 3 weeks, the public can go to the  Laken Castle, Avenue du Parc Royal – 1020 Brussels (Laeken) to visit one of floral marvels and admire many rare species. They could be considered theone of the most beautiful park and garden in the city! Each year, more than 100.000 visitors will visit them.

Many of you were wondering what was the price entry to visit the greenhouses, the schedule of visit, the story, as well as classic information such as the car park, and where to buy ticket for the visit of the royal greenhouses of Laeken on the internet in advance. So we wrote a little blog post to help you plan your 2024 visit!

We visited it in 2019 and it remains one of our favorite spring activities with children in Brussels. In 2020, these had to leave their doors closed. Be sure to add this to your exhibition program in your Brussels calendar

You will have the opportunity to take a 3KM or 2KM walk.

What is the history of the Royal Greenhouses of LAEKEN (Brussels)?

The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken are among the most popular monuments in Brussels. Their constructions in Belgium date from the 19th century. To be exact, they were born in 1873. Its creator, the architect Alphonse Balat, designed the beat for the King Leopold II, a fervent lover of flowers and plants, especially Camellias. This plant was one of his favorites during his travels.

At the time, this metal and glass building represented an architectural feat. The appearance that Balat wanted to give him is that ofa city of glass in the middle of a hilly landscape. In the end, some impressive pavilions, wide galleries et glass domes  run through the land like covered streets. An innovation spectacular, which will remind us a little of the the royal galleries of Saint-Hubert.

The current collection of plants in the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken shines in 3 exceptional aspects:

  1. 🏰She conserve treasured heirloom plants of first plantations of King Leopold II, thus preserving a historic botanical heritage.
  2. 🌱Today’s plantations remain faithful to the very essence of the first designs, thus perpetuating the initial spirit which animated them.
  3. 💎Walking through the aisles of the Royal Greenhouses, we discover a profusion of rare plants, real plant gems, adding a touch of unique splendor to this exceptional environment.

Where to book your ticket to visit the royal greenhouses of LAEKEN in 2024?

Royal Greenhouses Laeken Wikipedia
Royal Greenhouses Laeken Wikipedia Photo: Jean-Pol GRANDMONT

The greenhouses were built in connection with the castle of Laeken. For a century, the greenhouses have been open a few weeks a year and it is possible to visit them. Always at spring. Do not miss the opportunity to discover a monument that has left its legacy in the Belgian heritage.  Come here lovers or with children to admire the architecture, the collections of flowers and plants. Some exotic varieties were brought back directly by King Leopold II during his expeditions to the Congo.

Importantly this year, due to covid, only a limited number of visitors can be admitted for the tour. Visitors are invited à book their visit to the Royal Greenhouses in advance on the official website. Note that there is no possibility to reserve or buy a ticket directly on site.

A long (+- 2h30) or short (+- 1h30) walk. Late nights will take place from Friday to Sunday evening, as well as on Monday May 20. Only the short route will be accessible during nighttime

Your walk will begin with a passage through the gardens of the Royal Estate. The route also allows visitors to discover the arcuate rose garden, Queen Elisabeth's studio as well as the ruins of a temple on the edge of one of the ponds... In short, unusual architectural elements that adorn the gardens.

It is then towards the interior that you will move. You can discover there inside the largest Greenhouses. It is :

  • la Congo Greenhouse (with its subtropical plants),
  • the greenhouse the Pier,
  • la Winter garden (dome-shaped)
  • L'Orangerie (where orange trees, laurels and camellias winter).

Information on entry prices, address and opening hours of the Serres

  • Entrance prices to visit the Royal Greenhouses 2024:

Price and reduction: 6 euro/person. Free for children under 12. 

The money collected will be used for the Queen's Works and for restoration operations of works of art from the Royal Collection (sculptures, paintings, furniture, tableware, etc.) that adorn the Palaces. You can book for a maximum of 6 visitors at a time (including children). Large groups are not allowed.

  • Visit address to Serres Royales de Laeken 2024:

The entrance as well as the exit are located at the level of the Honor Gates of the Château de Laeken:  Laeken Castle, Avenue du Parc Royal – 1020 Brussels (Laeken)

  • Serres Royales 2024 visit schedule: 

You can visit the April 26 greenhouses to May 20, 2024. Note that unfortunately there are no guided tours of the greenhouses. The greenhouses are not open continuously, check the official schedule and closing times. They mainly open from 11 a.m. to 19 p.m. (last entry at 16:30 p.m.) Check the schedule on the official website of the Laeken greenhouses.

  • Access and parking at the Serres Royales 2024

You can easily get there with the SNCB by train, Bockstael station is the closest and is located at + - 900 meters. With the STIB, the three closest stops are SCHOLA EUROPEA and SERRES ROYALES at + - 200 meters. For VILLO lovers, the KAREL BOGAERT station is about 732 meters away.

For those looking for a car park, it is just opposite the Château de Laeken, Avenue de la Dynastie.

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Royal Greenhouses Laeken 2019
Visit the Royal greenhouses of LAEKEN (c) photo: Jean-Pol GRANDMONT Wikipedia

2024 visit plan

(c) https://www.koninklijke-serres-royales.be/storage/static/docs/plan/Plan-2024.pdf
(c) https://www.koninklijke-serres-royales.be/storage/static/docs/plan/Plan-2024.pdf



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