How to renovate your typical Brussels house?

How to renovate your typical Brussels house?
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Updated June 13, 2024 by pierre

They are so particular and so charming that they have long been part of customs but above all, they are very appreciated by the locals or their inhabitants. With their faults and their immense advantages, we are obviously talking about Brussels houses which extend beyond the simple Belgian capital.

Built over more than 150 years in an architectural style specific to that of this European region, Brussels houses can also be seen near Liège, Antwerp or even Lille, in France. Their appeal is obvious but sometimes, due to their age, Brussels houses require a breath of fresh air. A perfect opportunity to present several renovation ideas and other suggestions to make your Brussels home one that will inspire all others. Just that!

What is a Brussels house?

Before rent tools To be able to renovate your space, you need to define what a Brussels house is. The inhabitants of the Belgian capital are logically capable of describing it but sometimes, its incredible history remains overlooked in a damaging way when we know to what extent this architectural style is a major part of local culture.

As with any architectural style, the Brussels house has sometimes undergone some changes but its angle of attack remains the same with a tall structure which comes from the work of young Brussels architects in the eponymous city. Nevertheless, the great strength and beauty of this style results in its ability to always adapt depending on the ornaments, the facade colors or the more or less significant presence of windows! You would have understood it, the Brussels house has more than one trick up its sleeve and it is its versatility but more than anything its capacity for modulation which has made it the great star of Brussels for several decades. Today, this style is sought after to give yourself a neo-retro effect with inspiration galore.

A veranda on a Brussels house: the charming asset

Almost surprisingly, Brussels houses find their inspiration in old medieval buildings, known as Spanish ones. This means that most of the time, they are made up of several spaces in a row and that in the best cases, these sequences are concluded by a veranda. No need to specify that with such a room at the end of the house, the latter sees its potential tenfold! You will therefore have to take the plunge and make the veranda a bright and resolutely modern living room.. For this, the rental of scaffolding and a real facelift in this space strewn between interior and exterior could offer a new dimension to the Brussels house.

Too often, the veranda has only been used in the off-season but thanks to the addition of new materials such as polycarbonate, the veranda is a new living space in all weathers and all seasons. Living room, dining room, playroom or office? The possibilities are numerous and the loft effect is possible for a Brussels house equipped with a veranda.

No more borders in your Brussels home

We have just reminded you that most of the rooms are arranged lengthwise in a typical Brussels house. To maintain the necessary amount of light and to open up the possibilities in terms of layout, do not hesitate to break down the numerous partitions.

The result will be even more beneficial with large living rooms and homes that are much more modern than in the past, without altering their charm. Final advice for renovating your Brussels house: do not hesitate to take advantage of the height of the ceilings to furnish or on the contrary, leave plenty of space depending on your preferences.

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