Getting back to sleep in Brussels in three steps

Getting back to sleep in Brussels in three steps

Updated January 16, 2024 by pierre

Do you feel tired? Would you like to get back to deep sleep? What if the solution was in your bedroom?!

Welcome to this exclusive guide to revolutionize your nights in Brussels, and the news is sensational: the sales are there ! If you're ready to create your own haven with savings at stake, so follow us on this adventure, with the essential store, the Mattress King. You don't know this brand? It’s 65 stores and 4 million customers for 30 years!

It’s the perfect time to welcome the next generation of comfort into your bedroom. During this sales period, you can almost be sure to get a golden deal for royal quality sleep.

Below, you will discover a range of choices ranging from pocket springs to viscoelastic foam, all at unbeatable prices. Do not forget the crucial importance of a perfectly fitted pillow. Find the ideal model in the refined selection of the King of Mattresses, where comfort and style meet to create the perfect set for your dream nights.

If you are cold about the idea of ​​transporting your old mattress? Don't leave us here, we have the solution to get rid of it!

1. Where and how to get rid of your old mattress in Brussels?

Getting rid of an old mattress (c) STEPHEN POORE on Unsplash
Getting rid of an old mattress (c) STEPHEN POORE on Unsplash

Learning to say goodbye to your old mattress can be the first step towards quality sleep. Discover the best practices for getting rid of your old mattress in Brussels while respecting the environment. In the past, changing mattresses could cause problems or make you doubt. Especially if you didn't have a car to get rid of the old one. Know that today in Brussels, saying goodbye to your old mattress has become child's play and free thanks to the practical and free options made available:

  1. City waste collection services offer tailor-made solutions to get rid of these bulky items. You can easily schedule the collection of your mattress by contacting your local waste department, who will inform you about special collection days or drop-off locations. Each household is entitled to 2m3 of bulky waste at home.
  2. If your mattress is still in good condition, why not consider donation to local charities ? This offers a responsible alternative while giving your mattress a second life.
  3. Think about Recypark To make this approach even more accessible, many Brussels municipalities have set up “Recyparks” where you can drop off your bulky items for free. Visit the site to find your nearest location and get more information about responsible recycling in Brussels. Thus, getting rid of your old mattress becomes not only practical but also environmentally friendly, contributing to responsible waste management in the Belgian capital. Your mattress can therefore be recycled

2. Choosing the Perfect Mattress: Advice from the Mattress King

(c) The Mattress King
(c) The Mattress King

You may spend an average of 2.700 hours per year in contact with your mattress... If you don't sleep comfortably, a new mattress is a crucial step in improving the quality of your sleep. It is therefore essential to have a feeling of comfort. Bet on the January sales to amortize the cost. Some mattresses are 70% off!!

If you are reluctant, rest assured. Some stores offer a 200-day mattress test to make sure it suits you.

You don’t know anything about mattresses? Explore our detailed buying guide to understand the different types of mattresses available on the market. From latex to memory foam, discover which one best suits your needs for dreamy nights.

1. Soft mattress

  • Apollo mattress  combines polyurethane foam and visco-elastic for exceptional comfort. The polyurethane foam offers firm support while the visco-elastic adapts perfectly to your body for enveloping comfort. -60% on sale January 2024
  • Ergotech mattress offers an ideal combination of plush comfort and firm support. Made in the Netherlands, this 18 cm thick mattress incorporates advanced hybrid foam technology, guaranteeing optimal sleep and the most pleasant sleeping experience. -50% on sale January 2024

2. Balanced mouse mattresses

  • Kiwi mattress equipped with cutting-edge high resilience (HR) foam technology that promises optimal comfort. Its innovative design allows personalized adaptation to each person's body shape, providing an unrivaled experience of well-being. The HR foam of the Kiwi mattress provides balanced comfort, creating the ideal conditions for peaceful nights' sleep. Immerse yourself in the luxury of rest with the Kiwi mattress, where innovation and comfort meet for an exceptional sleeping experience. -25% on sale January 2024
  • Bellatrix mattress embodies innovation thanks to its design using advanced HR foam technology, guaranteeing exceptional comfort for those seeking an improvement in their sleep quality. With a generous thickness of 17 cm, this mattress adapts perfectly to all body shapes and all sleeping positions. Immerse yourself in the luxury of rest with the Bellatrix mattress, designed to meet the highest demands for comfort and support. -50% on sale January 2024

3. Firm foam mattresses

  • Orion mattress a masterpiece of comfort that leverages cutting-edge technology to provide you with an optimal experience. Thanks to its intelligent polyurethane foam, this mattress adjusts to the contours of your body, soothing pressure points and allowing you total relaxation. Immerse yourself in restful sleep, free from pain and tension, with the Orion mattress. Redefine your nights with a perfect harmony between innovation and well-being.
  • Cocoon mattress designed to offer you superior quality sleep thanks to its numerous technical features and different comforts.

2. Pocket sprung mattress

Let’s dive into the luxurious world of pocket spring mattresses, a real revolution for unparalleled nights of sleep. Imagine each spring carefully packaged in its own little cocoon, providing tailored support by perfectly conforming to the contours of your body. This ingenious technology results in exceptional independence of movement, eliminating the nighttime jerks often associated with your partner's movements. But that’s not all – the magic also happens in thermal regulation. The spaces between the springs allow optimal air circulation, creating a microclimate worthy of the most soothing dreams. Prepare to dive into the ultimate luxury of sleep with pocket sprung mattresses, where personalized comfort meets cutting-edge innovation.

Very comfortable mattresses are on sale at the King of Mattresses

  • Sensospring mattress The Sensospring mattress, a marvel of comfort and support that guarantees you peaceful and restorative nights. -50% on sale January 2024
  • Charm Mattress a technological marvel that combines the excellence of pocket springs with the enveloping softness of viscoelastic foam. This perfect combination gives rise to firm support and balanced comfort, giving you an incomparable sleeping experience. Immerse yourself in a cocoon of well-being where innovation meets luxury, and let yourself be carried away by the magic of the Charme mattress. -50% on sale January 2024
  • Biloba mattress personalized support and great sleeping independence. You will be able to move without waking your partner! -60% on sale January 2024

3. Don’t underestimate the pillow

Ah, the pillow, this often neglected but oh so essential companion for dreamy nights! Imagine it as the silent guardian of your nighttime comfort, ready to welcome you into a cozy cocoon. Its role goes far beyond simply supporting your head. No, a good pillow is like the conductor of a soothing symphony, ensuring that your head, neck, and spine are in perfect harmony.

Choosing the right pillow is not just a matter of personal preference, it is a true declaration of love to your nights sleep. A well-selected pillow conforms to the contours of your head and neck, preventing headaches and neck pain when you wake up. Do you feel it? It’s this gentle support that cradles you in absolute comfort, allowing you to escape into dreamland without worry or tension.

And let’s not forget the ambiance factor. A soft pillow, perhaps adorned with stylish covers, adds a touch of luxury to your sleep sanctuary. It’s like the jewel that completes the adornment of your bed, creating an atmosphere where sleep becomes a truly sensory experience.

In short, the pillow is not simply a bedding accessory, it is the confidant of your nights, the sculptor of your dreams. So take the time to choose the one that's right for you, and allow each night to become a gentle, comforting escape into the realm of sleep.

Here are the pillows on sale for January 2024:


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