Our 4 favorite restaurants open on Mondays in Brussels

Our 4 favorite restaurants open on Mondays in Brussels
Emile Bistro - a restaurant open on Mondays in Ixelles (c) Pierre Halleux

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Welcome to the culinary excitement of Brussels, where Mondays take on a new dimension with a selection of gastronomic gems open to welcome you at the start of the week. 🌆✨ Explore with us 4 emblematic addressess, true nuggets of the Brussels culinary scene, who brighten up the start of your week with exquisite flavorss and unique experiences. From Asian delights at Kaiju, in the heart of Saint-Gilles, to dishes prepared at Emile Bistrot in Ixelles, these teams of enthusiasts will immerse you in a taste journey that proves that Mondays can be just as magical as the rest of the week. ! 🍽️🌟 #LundisGourmands #BruxellesCulinaire

1. Le Parloir in Saint-Gilles: A foodsharing type restaurant

Le Parloir, a culinary treasure nestled in Saint-Gilles, welcomes you from Monday to Friday from 19 a.m. to 23 p.m. for an exceptional gastronomic experience. This gastronomic adventure, woven from a friendship of more than twenty years between Stefano Nicolini and Julien André, materializes in a place where magic happens in the kitchen and where the service is orchestrated in an incredible way by Julien. 🍽️✨ In the Parlour, the warm and intimate atmosphere pairs perfectly with beautiful dishes designed to be shared. The praise from diners is pouring in, making this address much more than just a restaurant, but an unmissable place that is certainly worth the detour. ❤️👌

Le Parloir stands out for its opening from Monday to Friday, inviting you to discover magical cuisine, incredible service and a warm atmosphere. Stefano, at the helm of the kitchen after having shone at Henri and Victor Bozar, joins Julien to create a place where passions meet. 🌟🤝 Whether for a casual evening with friends or a special occasion, Le Parloir promises a memorable dining experience from start to finish. Don't forget to book to ensure a place in this establishment where quality and friendliness are in the spotlight. ❤️🔒

📍 Located at Avenue Ducpétiaux 3, 1060 Saint-Gilles, Belgium,

🌐 Le Parloir – Restaurant, Bistro in Brussels | Home

2. Ramboburger – a quality smash burger also open on Mondays

In the heart of Brussels, a new gastronomic landmark is making its debut: Rambo, the fast-food restaurant Smash Burgers that excite Brussels taste buds. Designed by a team of experienced restorers, including John and Xavier d'Old Boy, Sadri of At Richard's et At Franz's, as well as the talents of Bold , Rambo offers a unique culinary experience, also open on Mondays in Brussels. The tastefully designed place combines concrete, wood and neon posters, creating an American diner atmosphere. With its menu featuring the Smash Burger, a technique where a Black Angus meatball is flattened on a hot plate to obtain a juicy crust, Rambo offers a tasty journey into the world of burgers from 12€.

Rambo not only seduces with its atmosphere, but also with the exceptional quality of its burgers. Offering only three variations (classic, special with a homemade BigMac sauce, and veggie with a vegetarian burger), the fast food aims to satisfy lovers of authentic flavors. LThe place offers a visual experience with neon lights and careful details, while the prices remain affordable. Rambo also stands out as an attractive option for burger lovers at home with quality for " to take away“. Don't miss the opportunity to discover this address which combines delicacy with the know-how of a passionate team, ready to conquer the palates of Brussels. Follow them on Instagram @ramboburger so as not to miss any of their tempting creations.

📍 Rue Washington 7, 1050 Ixelles

🌐RAMBO Smash Burgers (ramboburger.com)

3. Emile Bistro: a brasserie to start the week off right in Ixelles

Around here, it's a taste bud paradise with bistro cuisine featuring exceptional products! 🍽️ Even better if it's also open on Mondays! Whether you are a fan of a delicious brunch, a comforting breakfast, a tapas aperitif, or even a selection of wines of terroir and micro-brewery beers, this place has everything to seduce you. And the little extra? The atmosphere is provided by Kevin, the house clown who welcomes you with a smile as big as the quality of the bistronomy that reigns in this welcoming place. 🎪🤹‍♂️

Emile Bistro - a restaurant open on Mondays in Ixelles (c) Pierre Halleux
Emile Bistro – a restaurant open on Mondays in Ixelles (c) Pierre Halleux

Recently discovered, Émile Bistro has quickly risen to the top of our list of the best restaurants of the year. This small dining bistro, specializing in good meat in Brussels, is the ideal address for a delicious lunch with colleagues but also a dinner for two. With its bistronomic charm on the plate and a friendly atmosphere, Émile Bistro was able to win us over from the first visit, and we returned twice in a few days to confirm our favorite. 🍔🌟 Emile Bistro is much more than a restaurant, it’s a little culinary gem to discover without further delay! 🍽️🔍

Emile Bistro - a restaurant with good wines open on Mondays in Ixelles (c) Pierre Halleux
Emile Bistro – a restaurant with good wines open on Mondays in Ixelles (c) Pierre Halleux

Emile Bistro, located at the corner of rue Augustin Delporte and avenue Emile de Béco, embodies the very essence of Ixelles, the “home of the alders”. 🌳🏠 This charming house, formerly known as the “Brasserie du Cygne”, is steeped in the history of the Swan district (Zwaenenberg), one of the oldest hamlets in Ixelles dating back to the 13th century. Taste the memory of Ixelles in a place steeped in history, where drinking has always been a vocation. 🍻🕰️ And with a Excellent value, impeccable service and a warm atmosphere, Emile Bistro is much more than a simple address, it is a memorable dining experience every time you visit. 🌟🍷

📍 Av. Emile de Beco 22, 1050 Ixelles

🌐Emile Bistro – Bistro to eat!

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4. Kaiju, an Asian in Ixelles

Welcome to Kaiju, the ultimate temple of Asian street food in Brussels, where the fusion of exquisite flavors, good musical vibes, refined cocktails, natural wines and micro-brewery beers awaits you from Monday to Saturday from 19:00 p.m. to 22:30 p.m. 🥢🍹 Nestled at 132 Chaussée de Charleroi in Saint-Gilles, next to the JAM hotel, this unique place offers an immersive culinary experience that has already conquered Brussels.

Kaiju - asian fusion also open on Mondays in Brussels
Kaiju – asian fusion also open on Mondays in Brussels

Tried and true, Kaiju stands out as one of the trendiest restaurants around, offering a delicious escape in an intoxicating setting. The decoration, an organic mix with a touch of Asia, creates a captivating, almost immersive ambiance. 🌟✨ After passing through a bar counter well stocked with bottles, guests discover a room bathed in red, wood, subdued lights, references to Asian pop culture and a magnificent wall decorated with incandescent candles.

The menu offers a variety of dishes to share, in the style of Asian tapas, with choices ranging from sea bass tartare (Taru-Taru) to glazed pork baos (Dao Pork Belly), including wheat noodles. and pork dumplings. The cuisine is a delight, perfectly balanced in spices, flavors and textures. Generous portions and affordable prices make Kaiju a must-visit destination for those seeking an authentic dining experience without breaking the bank.

Kaiju - a restaurant open on Mondays in Brussels, tiramisu matcha (c) Pierre Halleux
Kaiju – a restaurant open on Mondays in Brussels, tiramisu matcha (c) Pierre Halleux

For dessert, the matcha tiramisu and the “Chocodzilla”, a chocolate cake with a scoop of sesame ice cream and a salted caramel coulis, add a sweet touch to this taste adventure. 🍰🍵 With flexible hours and an address at 132 Chaussée de Charleroi, Kaiju is quickly becoming a reference among the most fashionable restaurants. Remember to book for an extraordinary culinary experience! 🎉🍜

🌐 HOME | Kaiju Restaurant

📍Chau. de Charleroi 132, 1060 Saint-Gilles


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