What are the best places to taste in Saint-Gilles Brussels?

What are the best places to taste in Saint-Gilles Brussels?
Gourmet break in Bruells with a coffee (c) Pierre Halleux

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Welcome to InsideBrussels.be, your ultimate guide to discovering the hidden treasures of the Belgian capital. Today, we immerse ourselves in the delicious world of a Brussels afternoon. We explored for you the best places to have a snack in Saint-Gilles (Brussels).

From the sweetness of waffles revisited to sweet pleasures such as “fluffy pankcakes”, the Belgian capital is full of gourmet gems which are just waiting to be discovered. Follow our sweet itinerary and immerse yourself in an unforgettable taste experience in the heart of Brussels.

Our favorite places to have a snack

Looking for a place suitable for a coffee or sweet break? Brussels is full of charming, welcoming establishments where you can quench your thirst and delight in sweet delights. Explore our selection of welcoming places, perfect for a relaxing break between two explorations.

1. Sorry, an address as creative as it is delicious

Welcome to Pardon Brussels, the ultimate haunt for foodies in search ofa sweet break in Saint-Gilles ! This establishment offers much more than just a coffee stop, it is a taste experience which transports you to a world of delights. Imagine a pastry menu as creative as it is delicious : lemon-bergamot waffles that awaken the taste buds, crazy cardamom rolls for an explosion of flavors, and cocoa and orange zest shortbread for a touch of daring.

But the adventure doesn't stop there, to accompany these sweet delights, dive into the drinks menu which offers cafes rich, teas fragrant, a hot chocolate to die for, and fresh fruit juice for a touch of freshness.

Looking for suggestions? From Monday to Friday, opt for the Brussels waffle! As for waffles, don't miss the lemon bergamot waffle, a bold twist on Belgian tradition. Or let yourself be tempted by the crazy cardamom roll, a whirlwind of flavors in every bite. The cocoa and orange zest shortbread will seduce you with its subtle combination of sweetness and citrus. If you prefer it cold, dip into some artisanal vanilla ice cream, or warm up with a hot chocolate that's as creamy as it is comforting. Also, bLots of vegan and vegetarian options.

Nestled in a pleasant setting, Pardon Brussels also offers a small outdoor terrace on the street, the ideal place to savor your delicacies under the Saint-Gilles sun. And let's not forget the staff, always smiling and welcoming, ready to guide you through this sweet experience.

For an unforgettable high tea experience in Saint-Gilles, Pardon Brussels is the address not to be missed. Let yourself be seduced by the sweet creativity and friendly atmosphere of this establishment which honors Brussels delicacy.

(I.e. Sorry Brussels – Rue de Moscow 36, 1060 Saint-Gilles

2. Belga & Co, a delicious café with top-notch pastries!

Belga & Co, the essential address for a gourmet break in Brussels! ☕✨ If you're looking for a café where excellence rhymes with diversity, this place is for you. The magic begins with their high-quality coffee, roasted on site from beans from around the world. Each cup is a promise of freshness and unique flavors, offering a caffeinated experience that awakens the senses. ☕✨

The coffee saga continues with sensational espressos. Carefully prepared using traditional machines, they deliver an explosion of flavors and a creamy crema that instantly transports you into the refined world of Belga & Co. ☕✨

But the taste adventure doesn't stop there. The fresh and varied pastries complete this succulent picture. From Belgian classics to original creations, each sweet treat is made with premium ingredients, ensuring a sweet experience that melts with pleasure. 🍰✨

In summary, Belga & Co is much more than just a café. It’s a destination where every sip and every bite is an invitation to an exceptional taste journey. A place where coffee becomes an experience, and pastries are much more than just sweet treats. An address that celebrates the art of the gourmet break with style and passion. ☕🍰✨

📍 Belga & Co: Rue du Bailli 7A, 1000 Brusselstunesharemore_vert

3. KAMI, here everything is seasonal and ORGANIC

Welcome to Kami, the landmark of caffeinated delight in Saint-Gilles! ☕✨ Located at 355 Chaussée de Waterloo, this specialty café is the address you need for the ultimate coffee experience. Immerse yourself in a world where coffee is more than a drink, it is a passion.

In the land of the rising sun, Japan, the word “Kami” evokes deities, these spirits who sometimes reside in animals, nature, or even in objects. It’s a wink that bodes well for Clara and Elias. Their meeting in Los Angeles was the starting point of a shared crush on Japan. A passion that inspired them to open a coffee bar in Brussels, in the Saint-Gilles district where the spirit of Kami merges with the captivating aroma of coffee. 🌸☕✨

At Kami, every cup is a work of art, carefully prepared from coffee beans from the four corners of the world. From single-origin coffees to sophisticated blends, each sip takes you on an unforgettable sensory journey. 🌍☕

And because good coffee deserves a companion worthy of it, Kami offers you a tempting selection of pastries. Freshly prepared with premium ingredients, these sweet treats are made with love to satisfy your taste buds. 🍰❤️

The ambiance at Kami is both warm and welcoming, creating the perfect setting to enjoy your favorite coffee accompanied by a delicious pastry. The attentive team is always ready to guide you towards the perfect duo to satisfy your gourmet desires. ☺️

For an unforgettable experience, here are some suggestions to taste at Kami:

  • A black coffee with a traditional Belgian waffle
  • A cappuccino with a croissant
  • A latte with a muffin

You will not be disappointed ! 🤩

In conclusion, Kami positions itself as the essential specialty coffee in Saint-Gilles. The quality of the coffee, the delicacy of the pastries and the warm atmosphere make it a destination not to be missed for lovers of exquisite coffee and gourmet moments. ☕🍰✨

📍 355 Chaussée de Waterloo, Saint-Gilles, 🕣 Tu-Fr 8:30-16:00 / Sat 10:00-17:00


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