Three new restaurants to try in Brussels December 2023

Three new restaurants to try in Brussels December 2023
New restaurants in Brussels

Updated on December 21, 2023 by pierre

1. 🍜✨ Nyyo, a new Vietnamese restaurant located rue du bailli

If you have never heard of Nyyo, this is a new Vietnamese restaurant concept which recently opened its doors in 2023, quickly gaining critical acclaim and becoming a staple of the Brussels culinary scene. It is already attracting fans of Asian cuisine in Brussels.

The story behind Nyyo adds a personal dimension to the experience. Nam Lam, the Liège founder of Vietnamese origin, having worked for seven years for Google in New York. He chose to return to Brussels to make his dream come true. Nam grew up with Vietnamese cuisine while being influenced by Belgian cuisine. Fascinated by the New York culinary scene, he decided to create a restaurant combining Vietnamese tradition and modernity. Nam found the ideal place for trendy restaurants: the Bailiff district

The menu is carefully crafted and offers traditional dishes revisited with a modern touch, emphasizing fresh, quality ingredients from local producers.

The elegant atmosphere and refined atmosphere of the place, enhanced with touches of Vietnamese inspiration, creates a warm atmosphere. The light wood tables contribute to a neat decoration.

The menu offers a selection of traditional Vietnamese dishes revisited with creativity. The menu consists of dishes to share. Among the must-haves are Caramelized Pork Belly, Garlic Noddles, Crispy Eggplants. and banh mi. Having had the opportunity to taste several dishes, I was particularly impressed by the freshness and flavor of ceviche, as well as the excellence of oyster mushroom tacos the Fried eggplant also conquered my taste buds with their crispy exterior and melting interior.

Extract from the December Menu of the Nyyo Restaurant in Ixelles

The impeccable service, characterized by attentive and smiling staff, contributes to a pleasant dining experience. The teams are always available to answer customer questions. But sometimes a little rushed...

(I.e. RUE DU BAILLI 38, 1050 IXELLES (Insta Official)

🍕🥊 Fight Club, an address to eat “pizza slices” in Saint-Gilles and in New York

Our second culinary gem of our gastronomic exploration is called Fightclub, the new address that is revolutionizing pizza in Brussels. Inspired by the New York tradition of the “slice”, this unique concept has just made its debut in the capital. Camille Vernin gives us her impressions after testing this atypical haunt which mixes the atmosphere of a trendy bar and the charm of a traditional pizzeria.

Located in Saint-Gilles, Fightclub offers an authentic New York-style pizza experience, with XXL slices of a 50 cm diameter pizza. The choice between ordering by the slice or the whole pizza is inspired by friendly American sharing. The originality doesn't stop there, with an innovative drinks menu combining live wines, vermouth, beers and cocktails, including the Norton, made with vermouth, Ferdinand rosé, grapefruit juice, sparkling water and lemon zest.

The concise menu offers classics such as margherita and pepperoni, as well as a pizza of the week with surprising flavors. At affordable prices (€4 to €5 per slice, €23 to €28 per pizza), the experience is accessible to all pizza lovers.

In terms of atmosphere, the decor transports guests into the world of boxing clubs in Brooklyn or Philadelphia. Seated on leatherette stools, customers are seduced by the relaxed atmosphere. The place, a former boxing equipment store, gives an authentic touch to this culinary experience.

Fightclub welcomes you from Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 23 p.m., Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to midnight, and Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 18 p.m. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover this new gastronomic gem! 🍕🥊 #Fightclub1060

📍 Chaussée de Waterloo 50, 1060 Saint-Gilles

3. ☕🍽️🍷 Batch, a new canteen in Ixelles where you can eat from morning to evening

Architecture lovers and foodies, don't miss Batch, the new trendy canteen located in Ixelles, The first-class renovation creates an enchanting atmosphere. Chefs Hadrien de Vaucleroy and Naomi Nsungu, formerly at Ötap, fuse French traditions and international influences for a unique dining experience.

On the menu, small dishes to share (or not) accompanied by superb drinks: the half-cockerel with salsa verde, the mai-take in bunches with creamy cashew nuts, and the half-pointed cabbage with almond cream are delights to savor. The wine list, mainly natural, offers elegant and easy-drinking choices. Delicious food from start to finish.

You can come here for breakfast, coffee, brunch, lunch or dinner… So we’ll be back soon! Brussels really needed a place like this!

📍 559 Chaussée de Waterloo, 1050 Brussels.