Brussels best neighborhood to live or visit? Our advices

Brussels best neighborhood to live or visit? Our advices
The wood of the camber in Ixelles (c) Photo PIerre Halleux

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Brussels the best neighborhood to live or visit? Our advices

1. The best area to visit Brussels: the center


Grand Place in Brussels
Grand Place in Brussels

If you are visiting Brussels for a weekend, the city center will probably be the area where you will put your bags. The neighborhood is great: Grand-Place, Manneken-pis, Sablon, Rue des Bouchers, Place Sainte-Catherine, Galleries Saint-Hubert, comic strip route, Sunday flea market, Brunch at the Musical Instrument Museum, museum Magritte, Sainte-Gudulle Church, the chocolatiers du such as Marcolini and the famous Brussels waffles… Here is something to spend the weekend in the center district. So there's no need, if you only have a short time, to look for accommodation outside the centre. If you are looking for a place to put your bags down a little longer, compare the advantages district by district, it could be that the center quickly ends up getting bored.

This article has been updated here with the 19 municipalities of Brussels where to live

2. Brussels, Best neighborhood for expats: Ixelles and Saint-Gilles

The wood of the camber in Ixelles
The wood of the camber in Ixelles

Ixelles is a district located in south of center city. It's a posh neighborhood, too enjoyable to stay there for a weekend than to live there. This district will also suit lovers of Shopping who will find their happiness on avenue louise or near the Bailly district. once night falls, the atmosphere is festive et friendly about bars producers as well as their happy hours the small remains corners delight more than one. In Ixelles, you can find everything, from Japanese up to the wood-fired pizzeria at 4 euros on Tuesdays. If you like cycling or walking, the arch wood and the park of the abbey will enchant you. If you are more art-nouveau, artist, the district of Saint-Gilles will enchant you.


3. Uccle, Brussels best district for the upper classes

Uccle best French district
Uccle Best French Quarter

Uccle is a district known for its main major axes: avenue de Fre, avenue Winston Churchill the famous Place Saint-Job or the forecourt St.Pierre. This is the first municipality often mentioned when addressing when addressing in neighborhoods very popular with French families who move to Brussels. The main reason for the attraction of this neighborhood is its, among other things, the school French, his nice houses Uccloises, its shopping streets which make life easy for the inhabitants of the district and mainly its side " half town, half countryside“. However, this district is less appealing to those who need public transport. Indeed, in Uccle there is no no Metro. Although there are buses or the tram, the time to reach the center or another place in Brussels is not always the shortest.


4. Etterbeek, the best European district in Brussels

Brussels House (c) Unsplash Ivan Borinschi
Brussels House (c) Unsplash Ivan Borinschi

Since 1965, the municipality of Etterbeek has had the honor of having within it the headquarters of the European Commission. Since that day, many have called the town the “European Quarter”. This is a very neighborhood popular with expats and young workers. The European quarter is very well known, Square Marie-Louise as well as the Parc du fifties or Luxembourg Square famous for its happy hours between expats on Thursdays. Place Jourdan is also a very popular place for fries lovers who come to try the Jourdan chip shop or washbasin. The mansions number in the hundreds. If you want to buy in this area, you will have to break the bank to compete with those who work in the European parliament and live in the neighborhood

5. Even more tips for Brussels

Obviously, we have plenty of good plans if you want to live in Brussels. For example, we inform you about


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