Brussels by Bike: the greenest and safest ride along the water in Brussels

Brussels by Bike: the greenest and safest ride along the water in Brussels
Canal Bruxelles à Vélo (c) Wikiepdia Filharmoniker

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Brussels by Bike: a safe and green ride along the canal

If you are looking for the best safe and flat road axis for your bike rides in Brussels ? This should delight you! Although many cycle paths have sprung up in the center of Brussels, this may not be the place ideal for riding with children. Ditto, if your bike has been in your garage for 10 years and you have decided to take it out. As experienced cyclists know, tram tracks are also a mortal danger. Once wet, these turn into a skating rink when the wheels of the bike get involved.

If you want to cycle along the water, you don't necessarily have to go to the ravel in Namur. Have you ever thought of the Brussels canal? Of course, the place is only ideal with children if they have already mastered the bike. Because who says canal, says watercourse!

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The success of Ravel and 'bicycle network'next to the cancal of Brussels

More and more cyclists take theregional cycle route along the Brussels canal. For tourism and soft mobility it is ideal. It feels like the countryside, and yet we are just a few kilometers from Brussels. This route could therefore be the best place to cycle Brussels. This section is part of the ICR, regional cycle route. as well as the European Green Network (REVER).

In Brussels, the route opts for a coherent layout, guaranteeing you as far as possible bidirectional cycle paths. These are generally located as close as possible to the waterway, on the left bank of the Brussels canal.

Here are the recommended places where this bike ride will take you. To transport children on your bike, also consider at Cargo Bikes in Brussels

1. By bike next to the Buda Bridge: an industrial lift bridge 

The Buda Bridge (also called in Dutch  Budapest) dates from 1955. It is located on the maritime canal from Brussels to the Scheldt. It connects Neder-Over-Heembeek to Haren. You will enjoy cycling past it to admire this civil engineering work. Its sumptuous metal structure will surely remind you of the industrial boom of the port of Brussels.






2. A Royal itinerary: Domaine de Laeken, Royal greenhouses and Château à Vélo.

Royal greenhouses of LAEKEN

Don't forget to take a break during your cycling route to admire the estate. Attention, do not enter who wants in the domain of the official residence of King Philippe. To visit the greenhouses, you will have to go there at the right time. Every year, for a century, the Royal greenhouses of Laeken castle open in the spring. For about three weeks, the public can go to the  Laken CastleAvenue du Parc Royal – 1020 Brussels (Laeken) to visit one of floral marvels and admire many rare species. The royal greenhouses of Laeken are among the most popular monuments built in Belgium in the 19th century. To be exact, they first saw the light of day in 1873. Its creator, the architect Alphonse Balat, designed the beat for King Leopold II, a fervent lover of flowers and plants, especially Camellias. This plant was one of his favorites during his travels.

3. Docks Bruxelles: a shopping center accessible by bike! 

BRUSSELS DOCKS White Cinema Shopping Center
BRUSSELS DOCKS White Cinema Shopping Center

If you dreamed of going to a shopping center by bike, that's it! The Docks Bruxelles shopping center, opened in October 2016, offers you the opportunity to Shopping by bike. If you don't know it yet, the center is called " Docks Brussels“. In total, almost 40.000 m² of commercial spaces that expect to receive 8.000.000 visitors each year.

The promoters of the Docks BRUXELLES shopping center wanted it to be fairly balanced. This is why the brands present on the site are very varied. We will therefore find, cafes, restaurants, stores Fashion classics (such as H&M, ZARA, MICHAEL KORS, …), but also home accessories (Maison du monde, Rituals, …) as well as a supermarket Match and even a cinema. In total, no less than 110 stores which will guarantee you a successful shopping experience.

If you want to buy a bike, you won't find it in Docks but in a traditional bike shop.

4. Pedal along Avenue du Port, witness to Brussels' industrial heritage

Tour and Bike Taxi, avenue du port (c) Wikipedia Torsade de Pointes

Pedal on your two wheels along Avenue du Port to meet a privileged witness to the industrial heritage of Brussels. As you know, the canal has obviously a past closely linked to the economic development of Brussels. Today, the three non-profit organizations insist on the historical importance of the last industrial and port avenue of Brussels. This is the largest paved surface in one piece in Brussels. These plead for the restoration of the cobblestones and the conservation of the size of this majestic avenue. Walking this avenue, you will pass along Tour&Taxi is where Culinaria took place!

So far the walk is about 11 km. You are then free to continue the bike ride. You will go through the Place Sainctelette (Porte de Ninove) A beautiful cycle path 2,5m long runs along the canal at this point. Then the Mariemont Quay and its one-way cycle path. The route therefore passes on the right bank to reach the quay of industry before returning to the left bank via the bridge of the Hospices…Further on, beyond the Delacroix metro station, a beautiful cycle path awaits you. This runs along the canal and joins the Biestebroeck basin. If you still have the strength, it is possible to continue your walk on the towpath on the right bank in the direction of Hal, Ittre and Ronquières.