What are the best Escape Games in Brussels

What are the best Escape Games in Brussels
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We tested the Escape Games in Brussels

Are you looking for a fun and enriching experience to try with family, friends or on your own? On weekdays after-work or on Sundays… Even if it's raining in Brussels, it is possible to make an escape game! Take advantage of the best escape room options in Brussels. All kinds of challenges await you: puzzles to solve, people to save, disasters to avoid and many other facts.

However, with a little concentration, agility, perseverance and a good team spirit, you will succeed. So, put yourself in the role of a literary or science fiction hero, or escape through the puzzle room by incorporating the history of the Belgian capital into a puzzle.

Did you say “Escape game”?

The word is English and makes perfect sense. In French, it is also rare to call it " escape game“. You escape! The principle is therefore very simple: get out and manage to escape from the playroom. Once the game has started, a countdown of approximately 60 minutes is triggered. Then, in teams of 2 to 5 participants, you will have to cooperate. Find clues, use your logic, observe in order to deduce the next move. It is not always possible to get out in time. The game is then lost.

But where do Escape Games come from?

This phenomenon does not come from Brussels…. there are more than 15.000 escape games in the world. After the Karaoke, the Japanese have launched this new concept for entertainment. About 10 years ago, following the release of the "point&click" game, the idea was born of having to find elements in a game, combine them together in order to solve an enigma. The enthusiasm was so great that in 2008 the very first live escape game was born in Tokyo. Since, game rooms open all over the worldt attract geeks to Brussels.

Top 5 of the best escape games in Brussels

To start in our top 5 of the best escape games in Brussels, we are pleased to present the one at the top: Tokyo lab. Find out more about it in the following.


The escape game “The Alchemist”

Located in Rue du Grand Hospice (a stone's throw from Place Saint-Catherine). This urban escape game will immerse you in a fantastic universe! Use your wits and logic to solve puzzles and find a cure for a disease that is ravaging the world.

The scenario of the escape game is very well thought out, with immersive sets that make you feel like you're really in the world of alchemy. You play as budding scientists, who have been hired by the Head Alchemist to find a cure for a disease that has infected his daughter. You have one hour to find the ingredients needed to make the cure, and to do so you'll need to solve puzzles, find hidden clues, and use your logic to progress.

The game is accessible to all levels, and you can play in groups or alone. The experience is intense and stimulating, and you will be completely immersed in the escape game universe for the duration of the experience.

🎫 Consult the prices and info on the official site of the escape game l'Alchimiste.

Urban Escape Game in Brussels. Image adapted from Unsplash (c) Mika Baumeister
Urban Escape Game in Brussels. Image adapted from Unsplash (c) Mika Baumeister

Tokyo Lab: become a hero by saving the life of an entire nation

It is located in Ixelles, and it is one of the most coveted escape games and appreciated by users. More than 99% of people who have played this game have been very satisfied. The objective of the Tokyo Lab game is to neutralize a powerful and very deadly virus set up by the secret society Crawford Industries.

To succeed, you will need to use a time machine to land 70 minutes before the disaster. Then, infiltrate a suspicious laboratory located in one of the abandoned research centers of the 80s. You will start from one of the alleys of Shibuya in the heart of the capital of Japan.

This game includes 30% thinking, 45% Manipulation and 25% digging. Available in French and English for an intermediate level, it offers a perfect immersion experience.

Escape Rush – Rue de l'Automne 30, 1050 Ixelles

Escape games Submarine Bunker: defuse missiles and save lives

Your task is to use the time machine to arrive 60 minutes before the disaster: three ballistic missiles have been launched from your bunker. Your role is to hunt down the agents sent by the CIA and dismantle these missiles before it's too late. One more minute and it's over.

You'll need to be pretty quick because after an hour the time loop will close and you'll be sent back to the present whether or not you've successfully completed the task. The whole nation is counting on you!

Rue de l'Automne 30, 1050 Ixelles

The Secret of Saint-Rumoldus: Investigate the story of a heinous crime and other mystical facts

An old legend tells the story of the cowardly assassination of Rumoldus, patron saint of Mechelen, around the year 770. In the vicinity of Mechelen, in the heart of the forests of the rural commune of Hombeek, Rumoldus carried out his plan to build a small church .

Contrary to the custom of his time, he paid his construction crew a fair wage for their work. Which led the locals to suspect that Rumoldus must have been exceptionally wealthy. During an evening stroll on the church grounds one night, Rumoldus was assaulted by two men.

They beat him to death and stole what little money he had on him, before dumping his body in the River Dyle and fleeing the crime scene. A few days later, a passerby noticed a magical light shining above the water. Rumoldus' body was retrieved from the water and serenely laid out in the church.

Since then, a devoted congregation watches over his grave and his church. From time to time, "miracles" occur in the church of St. Rumoldus: tears begin to well up in the eyes of the statues of the saints, candles suddenly light up near the sanctuary...That is why believers of all the corners of the country come to visit the church in honor of St. Rumoldus.

Out of the blue, you receive a call from Pastor Albay, now the caretaker of the church. Impressed and desperate by the recent "abnormal activities", the priest was forced to flee the church. He now needs your help to find out what is happening and find out the cause of the miracles… J

The White House: Find a stolen object

The White House just suffered a very astonishing robbery about 60 minutes ago. This happened in his Oval Office. During this theft, the titled enemy of Lord Ravenswood, the maquiavellian John Crawfrod seized an object of great importance. Formerly hidden by the culper Ring, (secret society created by George Washington) in the said oval office of the white house.

According to the news, the object is made of a rare material which would help John carry out the most fatal of his desires. This will be nothing more than to launch a machine to travel in time and thus create the end of the world. Your role in this game is to prevent that from happening.

 Rue de l'Automne 30, 1050 Ixelles

Blacksad: develop detective skills and find a prestigious criminal

It is a stone's throw from the Grand-Place in Brussels that you will find this escape game! As easy as it seems, your mission is to infiltrate the hideout where one of the greatest known criminals in the world is hiding to conduct your investigation. He seized a file of viral importance and containing sensitive information. Set up a very good attack strategy to put out of harm's way all these traps and also create proof of his guilt. Be very careful not to be discovered!

Transform yourself into a real detective of the 50s and immerse the heart of a man full of surprises.

To succeed in your mission, greatly develop your sense of detection, analysis and discretion. Use your gift of observation, of deduction.

Rue de l'Etuve 69, 1000 Brussels


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