Discover these unusual concerts by candlelight in the most emblematic places of Brussels

Discover these unusual concerts by candlelight in the most emblematic places of Brussels
Animated Candlelight in Brussels (c) Photo Pierre Halleux

Candlelights, these unusual concerts not to be missed

Coldplay, Stromae, Vivaldi, Warner Bros. et Hans Zimmer did not yet have anything in common. FeverUp created one! Now you can reminisce about their best tunes during tributes to these equally iconic artists during a concert in Brussels.🎻

🎫 Here is the list of the next Candlelights concerts in Brussels

It's not at just any concerts! This is the series " Candlelights“, this event which has taken the world of entertainment in Brussels by storm. If you are looking for a way to spend an evening of music in Brussels, and (re)discover the most legendary artists and film music, don't miss Candlelight. Its wide range of musical styles, Candlelight would only surprise you!

In this article, we invite you to dive into the enchantment of these exceptional musical evenings which illuminate Brussels with an intimate and captivating glow.

What are Candlelights?

Word " Candlelight » means nothing to you? 🕯️ Know that this isa rather unique musical event that enchants Brussels. In fact, it is a series of intimate and captivating concerts which take place in emblematic places of the city. Imagine yourself at the Atomium or the Noble Concert,une magical atmosphere created with hundreds of candles, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere. In short, the perfect place for a romantic evening or relaxing.

See the list of events taking place at the Noble concert in Brussels

Picture yourself in the Atomium ball below, a Coldplay tribute concert, and hundreds of candles dotting the floor.

Atomium Brussels (c) Pierre Halleuxa
Access staircase to the Brussels Atomium (c) Pierre Halleux 2023

What are the different styles of music at Candlelights concerts in Brussels?

the choice is vast and relatively mainstream: from classical music masterpieces to the greatest jazz pieces, including a tribute to Queen, the Beatles, famous opera arias, film soundtracks...

During these evenings, spectators have the opportunity to rediscover the most emblematic pieces of renowned artists such as Coldplay, Queen, Vivaldi , Warner Bros et Hans Zimmer . Whether it's catchy pop songs, haunting classic melodies or stunning movie themes, the diversity of musical styles offered during Candlelight will amaze the music lover in you.

This event offers an immersive experience, allowing spectators to immerse themselves in the magic of music in an intimate and spectacular setting. Whether you are a passionate music lover or simply looking for an unforgettable musical evening in Brussels, Candlelight will transport you to a bewitching world of sound.

Candlelight, concert by candlelight like in Brussels (c) Photo Thomas Bormans
Candlelight, concert by candlelight like in Brussels (c) Photo Thomas Bormans

What are the opinions on the Concert Candlelight?

On the internet, there are quite positive reviews. You can read on

  • 💬 Corinne H. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: “Super well organized and magical concert, a very beautiful moment! »
  • 💬 Luke B. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: “Simply excellent and beautiful, in a spiritually magical atmosphere. »
  • 💬 Alexia M. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: “A sublime musical interlude in an intimate and gentle atmosphere. »

    • ????Pierre L.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: “When I saw all the candles and the pianist started playing, I got shivers down my spine. Highly recommend the experience! »

What are the next dates and times for the Candlelights concerts in Brussels?

To buy your tickets online, see the available places here are the links of the different events:

The concert you are looking for is not in this list. Here is the complete program.

The final word on this Candlelight event in Brussels

If you only need to remove one thing,

  • 🕯️Candlelight Brussels offers candlelight concerts which will give you a unique experience. We will even talk about a multisensory experience and unique in Brussels.
  • ❤️ The atmosphere is there romantic, the spark plugs and Music courses at Candlelight Brussels events contribute to this. the atmosphere is relaxing.

  • 🎵 This one will be perfect for music lovers, but also to those looking for events originals, Unusual et specials. On the program, you will be able to enjoy not only music classic, but also movie soundtracks, music by sleeves and many others.
  • 🏛️ places emblematic and mythical in Brussels
  • 🎫 Tickets and reservations, everything is reserved online!


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