What are the most romantic cities in Belgium?

What are the most romantic cities in Belgium?
ANTWERP (c) Photo Pierre Halleux

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The most romantic cities in Belgium to visit as a couple

You want to take the time to live a romantic moment in a wonderful setting to rekindle intimacy with your partner! For this, you are looking for the most romantic cities in Belgium.

So, here is the list of five dreamy and unique places to visit as a couple for a memorable stay:

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 1. Bruges: A very beautiful emblematic city with a historic destination

Bruges (c) Pierre Halleux
Brugge and its romantic canals (c) Pierre Halleux

One hour from Brussels, Bruges is a city that lends itself perfectly to a romantic getaway. It brings together all the attractions necessary for its enchantment. Its historical environment is captivating with monuments and characters that make it so charming. Medieval houses with stepped roofs and imposing church chapels have something to seduce you.

Bruges offers you a unique journey through time through unusual and authentic visits. Begin your romantic experience with a marvelous canal cruise. Let yourself be amazed by the beauty of the facades in shimmering colors, the row of gables and the imposing provincial court. You can also take a walk around the area and climb the Belfry tower to enjoya breathtaking view of the city center of Bruges.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to taste the adorable chocolate or the famous sweets of this city. In the beautiful Fries Museum, you will find delicious dishes to enjoy with your partner. Likewise, you will discover fun activities to do as a couple to entertain yourself.

2. Antwerp: A true haven of peace with a warm welcome for a romantic visit

ANTWERP (c) Photo Pierre Halleux
ANTWERP (c) Photo Pierre Halleux

Known as the Diamond of Flanders, Antwerp is the perfect symbol of everlasting love between two truly attached people. A city located in the north of Belgium and a few meters from the Dutch border and well worth visiting.

An architectural setting made up not only of incredible places to discover, but also of typical Flemish alleys, full of elegance and mystery. Take a walk or bike ride to take the time to explore the whole city.

You will find remarkable Baroque buildings and Gothic-style monuments adorning the premises. First visit the famous train station, one of the most beautiful and sumptuous buildings in the world. Admire and visit the sublime historic buildings and the most beautiful cathedrals of the city.

On the Grand-Place, you can marvel at the iconic renaissance-style hotel and the very impressive giant statue. Also take advantage of your visit to this charming Belgian town to taste typical dishes, accompanied by local beers.

3. Ghent: Peaceful and laid-back nest perfect for romantic escapes

Ghent at night is Romantic (c) Photo Azamat Esmurzieyev Unsplash
Ghent at night is Romantic (c) Photo Azamat Esmurzieyev Unsplash

A beautiful city like Bruges, Ghent is described as a true Belgian haven for romantic getaways. Located one hour from Antwerp, it offers a trendy city life characterized by a flourishing culture and a rich history.

Beautiful cobbled streets lined with colorful Flemish houses offer you a walk at arm's length. You can also enjoy its charm by taking a canal cruise to declare the secret words of your heart to your beloved.

Grand is made for a good romance and lends itself perfectly to a couple in search of pure pleasure. Your visit to the mystical Castle of the Counts will make you discover the turbulent past of this city with fascinating instruments of torture. It is a city that combines historic charm with sparkling modernity.

4. Spa: Very nice place full of romantic activities to enjoy

Spa (c) Photo Jean-Pol GRANDMONT Wikipedia
Spa (c) Photo Jean-Pol GRANDMONT Wikipedia

Spa is located in the Walloon region in the province of Liège with an oceanic climate, a real source of well-being. It is a charming city perfectly designed for a romantic getaway.

With its beautiful historic buildings, its thermal baths and the huge casino house, it has everything to enchant you. Stroll the streets to survey the city and immerse yourself in romantic history hand in hand. A real nest for lovers looking for comfort in the heart of nature.

Peace and privacy are very important in this place. Whether for its culture, its rest areas, its restaurants, its typical architecture, you will have activities that will please you.

5. Dinant: Enjoy sunny days in a city where life is good

DINING (c) Photo Pierre Halleux
DINING (c) Photo Pierre Halleux

Dinant is a town in the province of Namur offering an extraordinary environment in which to live. It is a city considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, enchanting with its incredible photogenic nature.

Built in the heart of the rock, caressed by the Meuse and dominated, caressed by the Meuse and dominated by its citadel, its beauty echoes its incredible history. Visit Dinant to immerse yourself in its story and to spend pleasant moments with your lover in a friendly atmosphere.

You can enjoy a boat cruise on the Meuse to discover the surrounding landscape. Head to the restaurant La citadelle Dinant to enjoy delicious dishes in a warm and welcoming setting. A moment of pleasure for two, the happiness of living a lasting and unforgettable love relationship.


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