What are the most beautiful towns & villages in Wallonia to visit?

What are the most beautiful towns & villages in Wallonia to visit?
The pretty village of Mons in Belgium (c) Photo Alexis Mette

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Have you ever explored Brussels? Want a change of scenery? Discover the scenic beauty of Wallonia through our selection of eight most beautiful towns and villages in this enchanted region of Belgium. charming cobbled streets lined with colorful houses in lively squares where a friendly atmosphere reigns, each destination will transport you to a universe of history, culture and breathtaking landscapes. Jewels such as the medieval city of Durbuy, the elegant Namur, the romantic Dinant and many more await you!

Lovers of architecture, gastronomy or nature, There is something for every taste ! These Walloon towns and villages promise you memorable experiences that will amaze your senses. Prepare to be amazed by the richness and diversity of Wallonia during this adventure to discover its finest treasures.

If you plan to spend holidays in Belgium in the Walloon region but you don't know where to go, we know! Are you a lover of heritage or remarkable architecture and are you looking to stroll through a place that is worth seeing? So, we have collected for you the most beautiful towns and villages to visit in Wallonia. Without a doubt, discover these beautiful heritages on the territory of Wallonia

Before going further, and discover the most beautiful towns in Wallonia this might interest you:

Discover Wallonia: A Region with Cultural, Historical and Natural Treasures

Welcome to Wallonia, a Belgian region full of cultural, historical and natural treasures. Located to the south of Brussels, Wallonia offers an enchanting setting where each town and village transports you to an authentic and captivating universe. In this article, we invite you to dive into the soul of Wallonia, to explore its rich heritage and to let yourself be seduced by the beauty of its landscapes.

Wallonia, a multifaceted region

Wallonia is distinguished by its diversity and uniqueness. Whether you are an art and history lover, a nature and adventure enthusiast or an epicurean looking for new flavours, you will find what you are looking for in Wallonia.

Cultural and historical heritage

Wallonia is full of cultural and historical treasures that testify to its rich past. Magnificent medieval castles, such as the Château de Bouillon and the Château de Modave, immerse you in the fascinating history of the region. cities like Liege, Charleroi et Tournai reveal their remarkable architectural heritage through their cathedrals, their historic buildings and their museums.

Dinant a beautiful town in Wallonia (c) Alex Vasey unsplash
Dinant a beautiful town in Wallonia (c) Alex Vasey unsplash

Unspoiled nature and enchanting landscapes

Wallonia is also renowned for its unspoilt landscapes and lush nature. The Belgian Ardennes offer dense forests, picturesque valleys and winding waterways, perfect for hiking, mountain biking and outdoor activities. Don't miss the Caves of Han, a real natural gem, where you can explore the underground depths and admire impressive rock formations.

Gastronomy and the pleasures of the table

Wallonia is a gourmet region where gastronomy plays an important role. Taste local specialties such as Liège waffles, Liège-style meatballs, trappist beers et famous cheeses the markets and the restaurants invite you to discover the authentic flavors of Wallonia, to the delight of the taste buds.

The 8 most beautiful towns and villages to visit in Wallonia

📌 Durbuy: Visit the small town of the world in Wallonia with its many assets

The beautiful village of Durbuy in Wallonia (c) Unsplash michael-maga
The beautiful village of Durbuy in Wallonia (c) Unsplash michael-maga

Durbuy is an impressive town in Wallonia considered the smallest town in the world. It is perched in the middle of the meanders of the Ourthe and is full of charm. With many historic corners to visit, it offers you a trip full of experiences in a wonderful environment.

Stroll through the pedestrian and winding streets without forgetting to take the rue Dafresne de la Chevalerie to discover its essentials. In this city, local gastronomy is in the spotlight. Delight your taste buds at the table of its various restaurants.

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📌Mons: Cultural and folkloric heritage to discover in one place

The pretty village of Mons in Belgium (c) Photo Alexis Mette
The pretty village of Mons in Belgium (c) Photo Alexis Mette

A very beautiful city that strikes with its many museums presenting beautiful old and modern artistic creations. The city of Mons is classified as the capital of European culture and is characterized by its modernity and its roots in the past.

While visiting Mons, you will discover the Jardin du Mayeur, the Château d'Havé, the Belfry…, surprising and mysterious buildings. The inhabitants of Mons and its surroundings will give you a warm and natural welcome with delicious local dishes.

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📌 Liège: A fiery and very trendy city

The City of Liège (c) Photo Unsplash Alabert Dehon
The City of Liège (c) Photo Unsplash Alabert Dehon

Liège is a large city in Wallonia that stands out for its inclusive, democratic and climate-friendly commitment. A colorful and lively city that offers a warm welcome and is very attractive. Immerse yourself in the cultural and fascinating environment of Liège to discover its prestigious history.

More than just a market, the city offers you a festive night with many activities not to be missed. Plan your next stay in Liège, the city will enchant you.

📌Nivelles: A city full of history to discover

A charming little town in Wallonia which has preserved many buildings and monuments from its historic past. You are invited to stroll through its sublime alleys and to dive into the heart of its districts with medieval charm.

The city is full of impressive must-see places that you absolutely must visit. Its emblematic thousand-year-old Sainte-Gertrude collegiate church will seduce you. Take a walk in the Parc de la Dodaine to marvel at its works of art.

📌Tournai: Discovering a city with five steeples

Tournai is pretty (c) Photo Louise Colbee Unsplash
Tournai is pretty (c) Photo Louise Colbee Unsplash

Known as the city of five steeples, Tournai owes its name to the five grotesque towers of the cathedral in the city center. It is one of the oldest towns in Belgium and a real heritage site that you absolutely must visit.

If you like to party, Tournai will delight you with its various folk groups. Do not miss to visit the secret corners where its large artistic style buildings that line the streets and the Cloth Hall are located.

📌Gros-Fays: A wonderful destination with a green environment

With a beautiful village perched on a promontory, Gros-Fays offers magnificent landscapes over the Semois valley. The village invites you to an unforgettable stay full of calm and relaxation. Thanks to its schist houses, its castle-farm, the village exudes discretion.

It has its essentials that you can visit with family or friends such as the traditional houses of the Ardennes, the old mills, etc.

📌Chardeneux: Meet and let yourself be seduced by Walloon gastronomy

Located in the heart of the real Condroz, Chardeneux is a small village which offers a preserved rural setting. Located in the province of Namur, this village is a friendly destination for a getaway surrounded by nature.

Stroll through its beautiful streets lined with modest and charming stone houses. pierre. You can immerse yourself in this unique place where there is a friendly and authentic atmosphere. You will be served well-cooked meals offered by the passionate master chefs.

📌 Thon-Samson: A village that offers you a breathtaking view of the Meuse

Thon Samson the Castle of Forges du Village (c) Jean-Pol GRANDMONT Wikipedia
Thon Samson the Castle of Forges du Village (c) Jean-Pol GRANDMONT Wikipedia

The village of Thon et Samson is located in the province of Namur and the two names come together to offer the best of nature. It is a small resort nest magnified by the landscape of meadows and copses which frames it with soft greenery. Many impressive buildings await you for a friendly stay.

Thon-Samson is bordered by a typical valley and sites of great biological interest. It offers a marvelous space rewarded with a panoramic view of the river. Discover this beautiful little village in Wallonia to live memorable experiences with family or friends.

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Wallonia is a region that charms with its diversity and its cultural, historical and natural heritage. By visiting this region, you will immerse yourself in a fascinating universe where each city, each village has surprising discoveries in store for you. Whether you are a history buff, nature lover or epicurean, Wallonia will amaze you and offer you unforgettable experiences.