The 20 gastronomic restaurants that you absolutely must try in Brussels

The 20 gastronomic restaurants that you absolutely must try in Brussels
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Very good eating in Brussels, gastronomy invites itself to your table for an unforgettable Culinary Experience

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is renowned for its vibrant and diverse culinary scene. From elegant establishments to warm atmospheres, the city is full of gourmet restaurants offering unique culinary experiences. Here is a selection of the best restaurants in Brussels, where you can savor exquisite dishes and immerse yourself in the art of gastronomy.

If you search an exceptional gastronomic experience in Brussels, Do not look any further. This city is full of renowned gourmet restaurants that will delight the taste buds of lovers of good food. Whether you are a resident local or a passing visitor, here is a selection of the best gourmet restaurants in Brussels that promise you a memorable feast.

You will discover below, a culinary journey that begins with a visit to a unusual Brussels restaurant. A breathtaking view awaits you. With its elegant ambience and its innovative menu, this restaurant offers creative cuisine highlighting local products. From artistically presented dishes to bold flavors, this restaurant A promises you an extraordinary taste experience.

For a sophisticated dining experience, then head to another restaurant. With its star in the Michelin Guide, this restaurant offers refined cuisine inspired by Belgian and international culinary traditions. Talented chefs combine modern techniques with high quality ingredients to create dishes that will awaken your senses.

If you are looking for a romantic atmosphere, other restaurants below will be the perfect place. Nestled in a charming setting, this restaurant offers exquisite gourmet cuisine in a intimate atmosphere. Couples will appreciate the delicate discovery menu, fine wines and attentive service. For an unforgettable romantic evening.

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Whether you are a gourmet, a lover in search of romance or a curious person eager to discover the best of Brussels, these gourmet restaurants promise you an unforgettable culinary experience. Don't miss the opportunity to savor the delights of the Brussels food scene on your next visit to Brussels.

Our 10 favorite gourmet restaurants in Brussels



Located at the top of a tower, the Villa in the Sky offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the city of Brussels. The starred chef prepares refined and creative dishes, highlighting local and seasonal products. The culinary experience is enhanced by attentive service and an elegant ambiance.

📍 Address: Avenue Louise 480, 1050 Ixelles. Official site




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Immerse yourself in the warm atmosphere of Italy at Da Mimmo, a restaurant renowned for its authentic Italian cuisine. The dishes are prepared with passion and tradition, offering Mediterranean flavors that will awaken your taste buds. Don't miss their fresh homemade pasta and their delicious wood-fired pizzas.

📍 Address: Rue Sainte-Anne 8, 1000 Brussels. Official site



Humus Hortense is an avant-garde vegetarian restaurant with an emphasis on seasonal vegetables and local ingredients. The creative and innovative dishes will surprise you with their unique flavor combinations. The intimate and warm atmosphere makes this restaurant an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

They received a few mentions:

  • Michelin Star 2023 ⭐️&🍀
  • Sustainability Award Gault&Millau 2022
  • Best Vegan Restaurant of the World 2019
  • Best Vegetable Chef Gault&Millau 2018

📍 Address: Vergnies 2, 1050 Ixelles. Official site




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Le Sansablond is a gourmet restaurant located in a historic building dating from the 17th century. With a romantic and elegant atmosphere, it offers modern Belgian cuisine with contemporary touches. Dishes are prepared with care and attention to detail, and the accompanying wines complement every bite perfectly.

📍Address: Vossenstraat 26, 1000 Brussels. Official site




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Embark on a unique culinary experience aboard the Barge Brussels, a floating restaurant on the Brussels canal. You will be enchanted by the picturesque setting and the cozy atmosphere of the boat. The dishes are prepared with fresh and local products, offering a fusion of Belgian and international flavors.

📍 Address: Quai des Péniches, 1000 Brussels. Official site


La Canne en Ville is an intimate restaurant located in a renovated mansion. With traditional and refined French cuisine, you will be seduced by the elegance of the dishes and the careful presentation. The attentive service and friendly atmosphere add a special touch to this dining experience. In the photo below, the 6 or 7 course menu, with a vegetarian option. Also available with sommelier agreement or non-alcoholic agreement.

  • Chef: @lejeune_kevin
  • 🍽 Gourmet Restaurant
  • 📔 15/20 Best Young Chef 2021 @gaultmillaubelgium
  • 📕1 ⭐️ @michelinguide

📍 Address: The restaurant is located at the foot of Steigenberger Wiltcher's, Avenue Louise 77, 1000 Brussels, here is the Official site




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Harvest Brussels is an organic and vegetarian restaurant with an emphasis on local and sustainable products. Creative and colorful dishes showcase seasonal ingredients, providing a healthy and eco-friendly dining experience.

📍 Address: Rue du Vieux Marché aux Grains 24, 1000 Brussels. Official site




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Maloma Comptoir, located in Belgium, is a restaurant that offers a unique and authentic culinary experience. With particular attention paid to local and seasonal products, Maloma Comptoir creates tasty and innovative dishes. Their warm and friendly atmosphere invites customers to savor refined cuisine in a modern and elegant setting. The menu highlights Belgian and international flavors, with contemporary cooking techniques that will awaken your taste buds. You will enjoy a discovery menu that changes every 4 weeks according to seasonal products.

📍 Address: Rue Antoine Dansaert 196, 1000 Brussels. Official site




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The Entropy Restaurant is a contemporary gastronomic establishment where the culinary creativity is in the spotlight. The chef offers artistic and innovative dishes, using modern techniques to sublimate the flavors. The elegant and minimalist atmosphere creates a unique culinary experience.

  • 🌱“Discovery of the year” & “Sustainable Award” @gaultmillaubelgium
  • 🌱Intuitive & plant-based cooking
  • 🌱Social cause @hearthproject

📍 Address: Rue du Marché aux Porcs 17, 1000 Brussels. Official site


10. The Bar


Located in the heart of Saint-Gilles in Brussels, La Buvette is a real gastronomic treasure that does not lack charm. This restaurant perfectly combines refined cuisine, quality products and a friendly atmosphere. The creative and tasty dishes offered by the talented chef make every visit a memorable dining experience. With an emphasis on local and seasonal ingredients, La Buvette offers a veritable explosion of flavors. Whether you are looking to treat yourself to a business lunch or savor a romantic dinner, La Buvette is the ideal place for an exceptional gastronomic experience in Saint-Gilles.

📍 Address: Chau. d'Alsemberg 108, 1060 Saint-Gilles


These restaurants in Brussels promise you an exceptional culinary experience, where the art of gastronomy meets innovation. Whether you are looking for traditional flavors or daring combinations, these establishments will leave you with unforgettable taste memories. Plan your visit to one of these restaurants and experience the best of Brussels' culinary scene.

In conclusion, Brussels is full of gastronomic treasures that make this city a paradise for lovers of good food and good wine. Whether you are looking for creative cuisine, a Michelin-starred experience or a romantic atmosphere, the best gourmet restaurants in Brussels will not fail to satisfy you. talented chefs, local ingredients and innovative menus make every meal a true culinary symphony. Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in this vibrant food scene on your next visit to Brussels. With so many mouth-watering options to explore, you're sure to have an unforgettable dining experience in Belgium's capital.

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Whether you are passionate about gastronomy or looking for other enriching experiences, Brussels has everything to seduce you. Get ready to satisfy your taste buds and experience all that this fascinating city has to offer.

Note: The order of the restaurants was chosen randomly and does not represent a specific ranking.


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