The 10 best things to do with teenagers in Brussels

The 10 best things to do with teenagers in Brussels

Updated on May 31, 2024 by pierre

Explore Brussels with your teenager for a dynamic and unforgettable weekend. In this article, discover the best activities to satisfy the varied interests of young explorers. From art at the Magritte Museum to history at the Parlamentarium, Brussels promises an exciting adventure for the whole family. In this article, we give you our best tips for exploring Brussels with your teenager.

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Autoworld in the Cinquecentenary Park (c) Photo Pierre HALLOUS
Autoworld in the Cinquantenaire park (c) Photo Pierre HALLOUS

A successful Weekend in Brussels with a teenager

Discover Brussels with teenagers: a dynamic and captivating city that is full of exciting activities for the whole family. Whether you are a lover of culture, gastronomy or adventure, Brussels offers a multitude of options for satisfy the varied tastes of teenagers in search of exploration.

Museums that are suitable for seeing with teenagers in Brussels

Brussels is known for its captivating museums, which offer enriching experiences for teenagers.

  • 🎨Dive into the history of art at the Magritte Museum, where the surrealist works of the famous Belgian painter René Magritte will transport you to a world of imagination.
  • 🖼️The Museum of Fine Arts presents a vast collection of works of art ranging from the Renaissance to the 20th century
  • The Army Museum in Brussels offers interactive exhibits that allow teens to experience military history in an immersive way.
  • 🌿The Natural Science Museum takes you on a fascinating journey to discover nature and evolution.
  • 🏛️For an immersive experience of the European Union, don't miss the Parlamentarium, a free museum, where you can explore behind the scenes of the European Parliament through interactive exhibits.
  • 🌀Captivating visual experience: The Museum of Illusion in Brussels offers optical illusions and perceptual phenomena that defy logic and amaze adolescents.

For teenagers looking for sweet pleasures: discovery of Choco-Story:

choco story brussels (c) Unsplash Tamas Pap
choco story brussels (c) Unsplash Tamas Pap

A visit to Brussels with young people and teenagers would not be complete without an immersive experience at the Choco-Story museum. Located in the heart of the city, this chocolate museum transports visitors to the sweet world of Belgian chocolate. With your Choco-Story ticket, you can explore the interactive exhibits that trace the history of chocolate, from growing cocoa beans to making delicious chocolates. Teenagers will be able to take part in demonstrations by expert chocolatiers, learn to taste different varieties of chocolate and even create their own chocolate creations. This sensory experience will delight the taste buds of teenagers and allow them to better understand the process of making chocolate, from the bean to the bar. A visit to Choco-Story is a true taste journey which is sure to leave fond memories.

Exciting adventure games and escape games

escape game (c) unsplash
Escape game (c) unsplash

For teenagers and gallants in search of adrenaline, Brussels offers a variety of thrilling adventure games. Test your skills by solving puzzles and escaping from room to room. captivating escape game. You will have to show team spirit and logic to find clues, solve puzzles and get out on time. Another exciting option is the adventure game Prison Island from Feverup.com, where you will be immersed in a fictional prison universe and will have to work together to overcome challenges and escape from prison.

Free Guided Tour of Brussels, free tours

Visit Brussels in one day (c) Pixabay 1546290
Visit Brussels in one day (c) Pixabay 1546290

For a complete immersion in the history and culture of Brussels, take part in a free guided tour of the city. The Civitatis site offers a guided walking tour that takes you through the main tourist sites of Brussels, such as the Grand-Place, the Manneken Pis, the Royal Palace and much more. Accompanied byan experienced local guide, you will discover interesting anecdotes, local legends and fascinating historical facts that will bring the city to life in a new light. This free tour is not only informative, but also economical, offering teenagers and minors accompanied by parents to have a unique opportunity to discover Brussels in an authentic way.

Experience comics through the free comic strip trail in the center

Brussels comic book trail Palais de Justice (c) Pierre Halleux
Brussels comic book trail Palais de Justice (c) Pierre Halleux

Brussels is renowned for being the capital of comic strips, and teenagers who love comic strips will be delighted to take part in a journey dedicated to this art. The Brussels comic strip route takes you through the city to discover the famous murals representing emblematic characters such as Tintin, Spirou and Gaston Lagaffe. Walk in the footsteps of Belgium's most famous comic book authors and admire these colorful works of urban art that bring life to the world of comics.

Tasting of Brussels Flavors

Eating waffles in Brussels (c) PIerre Halleux
A day in Antwerp (c) Photo Pierre Halleux

During your stay in Brussels, do not miss to taste the typical flavors of the city. Teenagers will love savoring the delicious Belgian waffles, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, decorated with gourmet toppings such as melted chocolate, fresh fruit and whipped cream. Don't forget to taste the famous Belgian fries, served with a variety of sauces, and as mussels, a traditional Belgian dish not to be missed.

Discovery of the City on foot or by bus

Brussels by Hop On&Off bus
Brussels by Hop On&Off bus

Take a tour of Brussels aboard the hop-on hop-off bus, offering panoramic views of the city and the option to hop off at various stops to explore landmarks. Teenagers will be able to admire the emblematic attractions of Brussels, such as the Atomium, Manneken Pis and Grand-Place. In addition, Feverup.com's "secret and unusual Brussels" treasure hunt is a fun experience that will take you to discover hidden corners of the city through riddles and challenges.

For teenagers who love comics: The Comics Museum

Comic Strip Museum in Brussels (c) Photo Pierre Halleux
Comic Strip Museum in Brussels (c) Photo Pierre Halleux

Brussels is home to a range of captivating museums that will pique the curiosity of teenagers.

Go on an adventure from another time

In Brussels, teenagers can discover a fascinating cultural diversity by exploring iconic sites such as the Japanese Tower, the Chinese Pavilion and the remains of the ancient wall. The Japanese Tower, located near the royal royal domain and the Heysel, offers an immersion in Japanese culture with its traditional architecture and peaceful gardens, inviting young travelers to an exotic getaway right in the heart of the city. Nearby, the chinese pavilion transports visitors to the captivating atmosphere of the Far East, with its elegant architecture and authentic decorations. This place can be visited for free.

Finally, the remains of the old wall recall the medieval history of Brussels, offering teenagers a unique opportunity to delve into the city's past and imagine its ancient fortifications. These varied cultural sites promise an enriching and immersive adventure for young explorers in search of unique discoveries.

Heizel & Bru Park

Bruparck is an entertainment complex located near the famous Atomium. Your teenagers will be able to enjoy many activities, including a cinema session at the'IMAX Theater, interactive games at Kinepolis Brussels, or sessions of bowling and lasergame. Bruparck offers the perfect combination of fun and entertainment for the whole family.

A stone's throw from there you can also embark on a journey through Europe in miniature at the amusement park. Mini Europe. Your cadets in Brussels will be able to admire the famous European monuments on a reduced scale, which will allow them to discover the different cultures and architectures in a playful way. Plus, interactive animations and informative exhibits round out the experience. Right next to it, you can admire the Japanese tower and the Atomium !

Adventure at Parc du Cinquantenaire and AutoWorld

This par offers the perfect setting for a day of outdoor adventure with teenagers. This vast park is home to green spaces suitable for picnics, paths for walking and playgrounds for entertainment. Teenagers will also enjoy visiting the museums located in the park, such as the Army Museum and the Autoworld Museum, which display impressive collections. Don’t miss our article on the Cinquantenaire park.

Exploring the Sablon District

The Quartier du Sablon is famous for its antique shops, its artisan chocolate shops and its quaint cafes. It's the perfect place to hang out with teenagers, who can unearth treasures in the antique shops and taste the delights of Belgian chocolate. A visit to the Chocolate Museum is also a fun activity that will allow teenagers in Brussels to discover the history and manufacture of chocolate.

Do you have more time? Get out of Brussels

A day in Antwerp (c) Photo Pierre Halleux

Trips to Antwerp, Bruges et Ghent: Take advantage of your stay in Brussels with teenagers to explore other emblematic Belgian cities such as Antwerp, Bruges and Ghent. These historic towns offer the perfect getaway, just a few hours drive or train from Brussels.

  • À Antwerp, admire the impressive architecture, visit the Diamond Museum and discover the trendy district of Het Eilandje and the  delicious local specialties such as waffles and fries.
  • À Bruges, immerse yourself in a real fairy tale with its picturesque canals, medieval houses and romantic atmosphere. Stroll along the romantic channels, explore the cobbled streets
  • À Ghent, discover a bohemian atmosphere, medieval castles and a lively art scene. These excursions will allow teenagers to further explore Belgium and discover the cultural and architectural diversity of the country.


In conclusion, Brussels offers a wealth of exciting activities for teenagers. From cultural visits and thrilling adventure games, to gastronomic delights and excursions to other Belgian cities, every day spent in Brussels promises unforgettable memories. Be sure to consult the other sections of the InsideBrussels.be site for more information on the best gourmet restaurants in town, parks, events and festivals not to be missed. Plan your trip now and discover all that Brussels has to offer for teenagers looking for new discoveries and exciting adventures.